An Open Letter to the YCL

Comradely greetings to the Young Communist League! Youth for International Socialism, the youth group of the WIL feels that a dialogue should be opened between the activists of YFIS and the YCL. Both our groups are fighting against capitalism, for socialism, and for improving the conditions of workers in the here and now. But how are we to most effectively do this?

Being active in the day to day struggle of the working class is a vital element in our mutual struggle. But we also feel that without the correct methods, program, orientation, and a clear theoretical understanding of the world around us, we will not be prepared for the great events which are coming. It is therefore vital that we return to the theoretical basis of Marxism. That we seriously examine the lessons of the past, learn from the victories and mistakes, and move forward towards building a genuine alternative for youth and workers in the US and internationally.

We think that this process must begin with a return to the ideas of Lenin and the proud traditions of struggle of the American working class. We must examine and understand the process of degeneration of the USSR, the rise of totalitarian Stalinism, the collapse of the USSR, and the class nature of countries like Cuba and China. We feel that a real alternative can only come about by fighting for the complete class independence of the working class. The political representatives of the ruling class and the trade union leaders have accepted the profit system and capitalism in spite of the hardship it brings working people. We need a new political and trade union leadership which will defend the interests of the working class. We want a bold and militant leadership which can take the struggle forward. We need to fight for a mass party of labor to power with class-independent and socialist policies! Break with the Democrats! No faith in either party of the bourgeois!

The workers of the world have no country. So we must fight for a return to the ideas of internationalism – not the idea of an "American Road to Socialism" . We must fight shoulder to shoulder with and learn from the experiences of all workers. Always for an international proletarian position! No faith in the national bourgeoisie! Forward to global Socialism!

The YFIS calls on the YCL to join with us in this struggle, and to return to your Bolshevik past which alone can lead to the emancipation of the peoples of the entire world. Together we can make a serious difference in the fight for socialism and against the attacks of the ruling class both here and abroad. But we must begin with an honest and serious analysis of the lessons of history and Marxism. We hope that this will be the beginning of a rich dialogue between our groups! Contact us at:[email protected].

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