ANSWER Coalition Under Attack

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On August 14th, the ANSWER Coalition announced that they are being fined as much as $10,000 by the District of Columbia, for 65 posters that have been put up around the city calling for a mass anti-war action on September 15th.  ANSWER was given a 72 hour deadline to remove all of the signs. It was also reported that the Department of the Interior may pursue similar fines on top of those threatened by the city of Washington.

The signs posted meet the city’s regulations, and other such signs for businesses and both Democratic and Republican politicians often blanket the city without similar legal challenges. This is clearly an act of intimidation, at a time when the majority of US workers oppose the war and favor pulling out the troops immediately. This is frightening the ruling class, which is now attempting to hinder the mass movement of those opposed to the war by any means at their disposal.

The Workers International League stands in defense of the rights to free speech and assembly. We ask all those who seek and end to the war to show their support as well. Details can be found at ANSWER’s website:

We also renew our call for maximum unity of the anti-war movement around the slogan “End the War Now!” We will be building for and participating in this event, to get in touch with us please contact us.

End the War Now!
No to attacks on Freedom of Speech!

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