Kids Still in Cages as Biden Continues the Bipartisan Assault on Immigrants

Thousands of kids are being crammed into tiny cages at 1,600% capacity. Biden’s immigration policy represents a continuation of the bipartisan attack against undocumented workers.

Hans-Gerd Ofinger in the Alps
Memories of Hans-Gerd Öfinger

One of our leading German members, Hans-Gerd Öfinger, recently tragically passed away. We publish here two reminiscences by comrades close to Hans-Gerd.

Philadelphia Protest at Amazon's union-busting law firm Morgan & Lewis in solidarity with Alabama Amazon Workers on this national day of action!
Lessons from Bessemer: Only Class-Struggle Unionism Can Defeat Amazon!

Given the profile of Bessemer’s union campaign, the defeat comes as a disappointment for many—but we have no reason to be pessimistic. The lessons from this struggle show the way forward.

Sectarian Riots in Ireland: a Bad End to a Bad Peace

Over the past week, the North of Ireland has seen its worst rioting in years, ostensibly over the Northern Ireland Protocol signed by the Westminster government with the EU.

Biden’s Climate Plan: Capitalist Interests Come First

The climate catastrophe represents an existential crisis for humanity. We need radical change on this issue, not for Biden to let big business set the pace.

The Duke of Edinburgh Dies—Time for the Monarchy to Pass Away

Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, has died. We say: Abolish the Monarchy! Topple this rotten reactionary relic! For a socialist system that abolishes inequality!

metropolitan police pushing through protestors
COVID Clampdowns: Defend Civil Liberties!

Capitalist governments around the world are making the most of the COVID-19 pandemic to criminalize protest and to clamp down on dissent. The workers’ organizations must fight back!

Trusts and the Bipartisan Rise of US Imperialism

The chaos of monopoly capitalism can only be solved by bringing the giant monopolies under workers’ control and ownership—not through greater regulation or by “breaking them up.”

[Audio] The American Civil War: A Sword in One Hand and the Book of Freedom in the Other

Our fourth podcast episode on the American Civil War covers the course of events from Emancipation Proclamation to the end of the war. We will be back with more episodes to cover the convulsive period […]

“One Year Ago, the End of Bernie’s Campaign Pushed Me to Marxism”

The notes we received after Bernie dropped out of the race contained themes of class anger and a desire to become politically active.

The “Fight for $15” in 2021

Marxists support even the smallest reforms and would be in favor of legislation that raised the federal minimum wage to $15. But we must be clear that in 2021, $15 is far from being a […]

American Airline Workers under Attack: Class-Struggle Trade Unionism Needed!

A Phoenix-based flight attendant and member of the APFA union highlights the many ways in which profits have been prioritized over the safety of airline staff since the onset of the pandemic.