Enron – Imperialism in Action

The ignominious collapse of Houston, Texas-based Enron – at $62 billion the largest bankruptcy is US history – is a powerful reminder of how "business as usual" is conducted in the epoch of capitalist decay […]

Is the US Supreme Court Impartial?

The courts are just an extension of the repressive state apparatus used by the ruling class to continue its political and economic dominance. Any attempt to portray the courts as standing above politics is a […]

Lessons of the Post–WWII Soldiers’ Movement: the Strikes of 1945–46

The history books conveniently skip over the massive revolutionary wave which swept the world after World War II. The United States was no exception, with the largest strike wave in history.

Largest Defense Contract in History will leave thousands Jobless.

On Friday, October 26, the Pentagon announced that it had awarded Lockheed-Martin Corp. the $300 billion contract to build the Joint-Strike fighter, which will become the main fighter jet of the US Air Force, Navy […]

Draft Resolution to the YCL: Withdraw support to the Democratic Party

This resolution was put forth by YCL member Michael Feldman at their recent conference in Chicago.  While it did not get passed, there was support from the rank and file comrades. The WIL and YFIS […]

Afghanistan: A Historical Overview

To understand the present war that is taking place in Afghanistan, one must take into consideration the factors that have shaped the history of this tragic land. Doctor Zayar gives an overview of the history […]

What Sort of Unity?

John Peterson explains the mood of the American workers after the terrorist attacks of September 11th, outlines the tasks of Marxists and argues against the reactionary idea of “national unity”.

Immigrant Rally
Undocumented Workers: That Stupendous Business of the North American Bourgeoisie

Big business has great interest in undocumented workers, who they can overexploit and use to maximize their profits.

The Origins of Women’s Oppression

While middle class feminists regard the oppression of women as an inherent biological trait of men, Marxism explains that the root of women’s oppression lies not in biology, but in social conditions.

Patriotism, Fear and Panic – What’s Next?

The events of the morning of September 11th have shaken the entire world. One single terrorist attack has not only shocked masses of people out of their daily lives, it has crippled the world economy.

An Open Letter to the YCL

An open letter to our comrades in the Young Communist League. Comradely greetings from the WIL!

Marxism versus feminism – The class struggle and the emancipation of women

For Marxists, the root cause of all forms of oppression consists in the division of society into classes. For many feminists, on the other hand, the oppression of women is rooted in the nature of […]