Capitalism’s Lost Generation: Young People “Drowning in Insecurity”

The crisis of capitalism is robbing an entire generation of its future. These new generations will inevitably enter the stage of history, alongside the rest of the working class, to fight for a better future.

Chile Constituent Convention Election Results: A Blow to the Regime Parties

The results of the elections to the Constituent Convention in Chile over the weekend represent a political earthquake, showing a strong rejection of all established parties. This is a political expression (albeit distorted) of the […]

California Drought 2015
California’s Megadrought and the Fight for Socialism

In California, the combination of climate change and a natural, cyclical climatic event has brought on the worst “megadrought” in over 400 years. This does not bode well for our future under capitalism.

COVID-19 Pandemic: Patents and Profits

Despite being 16 months into the pandemic, the ruling class is still torn by squabbles over patent waivers, export bans, and priority deals.

[Leaflet] Solidarity with Palestine! Stop the Bombing of Gaza! Mass Working-Class Action Needed to Liberate Palestine!

This is the text of a leaflet distributed by supporters of Socialist Revolution at Palestine solidarity demonstrations throughout the country. Download now and help us spread the word!

Stop the Bombing of Gaza! End the Occupation! International Mobilization in Support of the Palestinian Struggle!

The following is a statement by the IMT on Israeli violence against the Gaza Strip. We say: stop the bombing, end the occupation—workers and youth of the world, mobilize and fight for a free Palestine as […]

Gaza Bombing: Israel Twists the Knife—Prepare Mass Resistance!

The bombing of Gaza has already killed at least 48 Palestinians—14 children among them—and injured hundreds, in the latest escalation of violence against the Palestinians by the Israeli state.

Liz Cheney Ousted from GOP Leadership: Trumpism Is Alive and Kicking

The ousting of Liz Cheney is an indication of Trumpism’s continued hold over the Republican Party, which threatens the stability of the establishment.

Colombia: Theses on the National Strike

The movement in Colombia that successfully beat back Duque’s tax theft is at a crucial juncture. Our Colombian comrades have written the following 10-point thesis for how the struggle must proceed.

Britain: No Confidence in Starmer—We Need a New Left Leadership

Labour’s right-wing leader Keir Starmer is doubling down in the wake of the dismal election results, accelerating the shift to the right. Our comrades in Britain say: Starmer out! Fight for socialism!

Iglesias resigns 2021 Spain
Lessons from the Madrid Elections: the Right Sweeps the Board, PSOE Collapses, and Iglesias Resigns

In Madrid, the victory of the right wing is in part due to the failure of Unidas Podemos to break with the policy of parliamentary cretinism.

The Montreal Dockers’ Strike Comes to an End: Who Will Dare to Defy Back-To-Work Legislation?

The Canadian government passed back-to-work legislation to crush the strike of longshore workers in Montreal, Quebec. How can workers fight anti-labor laws?