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Class Struggle and the State: Editorial for IDOM 42

The latest issue of In Defence of Marxism, the IMT’s theoretical journal, looks at the Marxist view of the state and the role of the individual in history.

The Death of Sieva Volkov, Trotsky’s Grandson: A Tribute to a Great Fighter

Trotsky’s grandson Esteban Volkov (1926–2023) was an important living symbol—the symbol of a whole revolutionary epoch, a heroic period of storm and stress, full of triumphs and tragedies.

Ukraine’s Bloody Anniversary: A Balance Sheet and Perspectives

Whatever the result of the war in Ukraine, there can be no question of a return to the status quo in Europe. A new period of extreme instability, wars, civil wars, revolution, and counterrevolution has […]

Doctor Doom Predicts “Dark Days” for Capitalism

The Keynesian model, so beloved of all reformists is exhausted. That fact is expressed in a huge mountain of debt that looms over the entire world economy. And sooner or later, mountains experience avalanches that […]

The World in 2022: The Gathering Storm

The world situation is characterized by war, chaos, and crisis at all levels. An old order is dying and a new one is struggling to be born.

Ukraine Crisis: Biden Fans the Flames of War

US imperialism has turned trade into a weapon of war. In the past, the British Empire sent gunships. Nowadays, the Americans send a letter from the Department of Trade.

War and Peace: Editorial for IDOM Magazine Issue 37

Marxists do not have one policy for peacetime and another, entirely different policy, when war breaks out. Our slogan is that of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin: “The main enemy is at home!”

“Barbaric” Russia and the “Civilized” West

Despite their cynical veneer of sympathy, the rulers of Britain and the US are no friends of the Ukrainian people, whom they see as mere geopolitical pawns.

The Ukrainian Conflict: Is This the Start of World War III?

Since Russia’s invasion, a barrage of propaganda has been pumped out by the Western media, contributing to an atmosphere of utter hysteria.

Imperialist Hypocrisy and the Invasion of Ukraine

Russian forces have unleashed a massive attack on Ukraine. It’s the task of the Russian working class to deal with Putin. Our fight is against imperialism, NATO, and our own reactionary government.

What Would Karl Marx Think? New Magazine Out Now!

Alan Woods’ editorial on Marxist economics from the Winter 2022 issue of In Defence of Marxism, the theoretical journal of the IMT.

In Defense of Historical Materialism: New Magazine Out Now!

Alan Woods’ editorial on historical materialism from the Winter 2021 issue of the In Defence of Marxism, the theoretical journal of the IMT.