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Should Socialists Be Preparing for Revolution?

The historical pendulum promises an eventual resurgence of the labor movement. The strategic question is: what needs to be in place for a future revolution to succeed?

The Class Interests Behind Trump’s Wall

The dramatic “standoff” between Trump and the Democrats over border policy is a cynical charade between two parties that represent one and the same class.

Base-Building or Bolshevism?

How can we reach the masses? This question has been at the center of revolutionary debate since the birth of the socialist movement.

Student Walkouts Reveal Demands for Broader Change

The high school walkouts have given voice to a range of social demands that go beyond the typical gun-control debate that has prevailed in Washington and the media.

The Case for Revolutionary Optimism

Mass uprisings are all but guaranteed by the impasse of capitalism—the question is whether a revolutionary leadership will be ready when it happens.

How Single-Payer Will Be Achieved

Though such reforms are now considered common sense, the Democrats can’t and won’t deliver. Only a mass independent political force—with single payer placed at the top of its agenda—is capable of winning this fight. 

Después de Charlottesville ¿cómo puede la clase obrera derrotar a la derecha?

La clase obrera conscientemente organizada, en forma de un partido socialista de masas, podría detener un movimiento fascista en expansión.

After Charlottesville: How the Working Class Can Defeat the Right

The consciously organized working class, in the form of a mass socialist party, could stop a burgeoning fascist movement in its tracks.

DNC "Unity" Tour: Bernie's Rightward Journey

Bernie Sanders has only tightened his embrace of the party that stabbed him in the back.

Defeating Trump's "Deportation Force"

Since coming to power, Trump has hit hard and fast. In his first weeks in office, he has put 11 million undocumented workers in the crosshairs.

The Oroville Dam Crisis and the Decaying Infrastructure of the US

The Oroville dam spillway failure once again highlights the life-threatening decay of public infrastructure in the world’s richest country.

Capitalism’s $1.3 Trillion Unicorn Problem

It is said that a man standing on the edge of a cliff does not reason. Today’s global economy is full of cliffs, one of the steepest being the Silicon Valley tech sector, and the […]

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