Erika Roedl
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The Struggle Over Safe Staffing for Nurses

Three years after the start of the pandemic, “burnout” is threatening our healthcare system. Nurses around the country are fighting for legislation around safe nurse-to-patient ratios, but the for-profit healthcare industry is fighting back.

Courts Block Student Debt Relief: To Cancel Student Debt, Cancel Capitalism!

The Supreme Court ruled against Biden’s debt forgiveness plan. The for-profit nature of education in American capitalism has given rise to a huge stratum of deeply indebted workers struggling to make payments on their loans […]

21st Century Redlining: Internet Inequality and Profiteering

Residential segregation is a direct legacy of the nearly century-old racist practice of redlining. Now, the communications monopolies have extended redlining to virtual real estate.

Black Lives Matter: Jacob Blake Shooting Reignites the Simmering Anger

The brutal police shooting of Jacob Blake—an unarmed black man in Kenosha, WI—has sparked a new series of Black Lives Matter protests across the country.

Anger Explodes at Police Murder in Minneapolis

The racist capitalist system has yet again produced the same tragedy—right down to the pleading final words shared by both George Floyd and Staten Island’s Eric Garner. This has sparked some of the largest protests […]

Food Scarcity and the “Efficiency of the Market”

Faced with the sudden surge in demand, grocery stores across the country were completely overwhelmed. Not just shelves but entire stores were cleared out, so “one-per-customer” rules were established on select items.

Is Capitalism Poisoning Your Food?

Annually, hundreds of thousands of people in the United States are hospitalized due to food-borne illness and thousands are killed by the food they eat.

My Journey from Feminism to Marxism: Why I Joined the IMT

An ongoing series on membership in the IMT, in which comrades explain what drove them to reject the capitalist system and embrace revolutionary socialism.

Roy Moore, Al Franken, and Your Manager at Walmart: Why Sexual Harassment Can’t Be Ended Under Capitalism

Patriarchal and sexist social relations are built into the system’s foundations.