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Stop the Bombing of Gaza! End the Occupation! International Mobilization in Support of the Palestinian Struggle!

The following is a statement by the IMT on Israeli violence against the Gaza Strip. We say: stop the bombing, end the occupation—workers and youth of the world, mobilize and fight for a free Palestine as […]

Marxists Mobilize for May Day!

Supporters of the International Marxist Tendency are mobilizing all over the world for May Day, raising the banner of revolution and international socialism, as the only solution to capitalist barbarism and the horrors of the […]

From “Hero Pay” to Pay Cuts for Essential Workers at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s has announced it will cut employee wages by $2 per hour on May 1. The workers must fight to unionize all stores nationwide, organizing with class-struggle tactics to take back what’s ours!

Blockage in the Suez Canal: the Week World Trade Stopped

The blockage of the Suez Canal had a major impact on the world economy. This event could have long term consequences that are difficult to calculate.

Marathon Refinery Workers Locked Out in Minnesota

Members of the IMT have joined the picket lines of locked-out Marathon oil refinery workers in the Twin Cities. We fully support the demands of Local 120.