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The Myth of Joe Biden: 8 Lies Debunked

There are many illusions in Joe Biden, including on the left—but he is no friend of working people. In this article, we answer eight lies about “Uncle Joe”: the leading representative of US imperialism.

Horror Without End: India’s COVID Catastrophe

A brutal second wave of COVID-19 is ravaging India. The healthcare system is totally overrun. The dying lie in hospital corridors, parking lots, on the streets, in their homes, begging for medical attention that will never come.

COVID Clampdowns: Defend Civil Liberties!

Capitalist governments around the world are making the most of the COVID-19 pandemic to criminalize protest and to clamp down on dissent. The workers’ organizations must fight back!

Vaccine Nationalism: A Capitalist Disorder

Vaccine nationalism demonstrates that capitalism is unable to deal with a virus that has no respect for borders, profit margins, or national interests.

European AstraZeneca Debacle: Mismanagement, Misinformation, and Vaccine Diplomacy

The insanity of a vaccine trade war in the middle of a pandemic is positive proof of the irrational, decrepit state of the capitalist system.

Permanent Pandemic? Mutations, Market Failures, and Zero COVID

The pandemic has revealed that capitalism is totally unequipped to deal with a global crisis of this nature. In their short-term drive to protect profits, the bosses have left scars on society that will never […]

Chaotic Capitalism Hampers COVID-19 Vaccination Campaigns

With the new vaccines being administered around the world, one would think we are approaching the end of this pandemic. However, in their haste to get the economy moving again, politicians and profiteers are ignoring […]

One Million Deaths

A million lives have officially been claimed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The scale of this tragedy is a direct result of capitalism and its representatives.

Capitalists Clash Over Hunt for COVID-19 Vaccine

The bourgeoisie is eager to get a vaccine produced so they can put an end to this pandemic and restart production. The ruling class, however, is divided.

Labour, COVID-19, and the Fiction of National Unity

The coronavirus pandemic is exposing the class lines in society more than ever. National unity is a reactionary fiction. We need workers’ unity against capitalism in the face of this crisis.

Pandemics, Profiteering, and Big Pharma: How Capitalism Plagues Public Health

A perfect storm of private sector profiteering, reckless production practices, environmental destruction, and underinvestment in medical research has made global pandemics more common, and undermined our capacity to deal with them.

French Strike Passes 40th Day as Workers Reject Macron’s Maneuver

As protests continue in France, workers must build for an all-out, continuous general strike, setting the stage for a revolutionary struggle to bring down Macron.