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The Amazon Empire Strikes Back

On November 5, there will be City Council elections in Seattle. Amazon is directly intervening in these elections with a view toward defeating council member Kshama Sawant.

Support Striking GM Workers!

No matter what industry you work in, a victory of the UAW striking workers will strengthen the working class as a whole and will help all types of workers organize their own unions.

Sara Nelson and the Future of American Labor

Organized labor in the US has enormous potential power. Could Nelson be the leader the American working class needs to get labor onto the offensive?

West Virginia Teachers and FAA Workers Show the Power of Strikes!

Recent struggles show that with unity and solidarity, strikes can be won if we are willing to discard antilabor laws and put no trust in the politicians of the enemy class.

“For a Revolution Against the Billionaire Class”—We Need an Independent Socialist Campaign!

Sanders is running in the Democratic Party, one of the two major big business political parties, to be their candidate for president.

US Workers Should Shut Down Capitalism

In the editorial for Socialist Revolution Issue 12, contributing editor Tom Trottier discusses the longest government shutdown in US history.

What Can We Learn from the 1968 NYC Teachers’ Strikes? 

Three consecutive teachers’ strikes took place 50 years ago; there are many lessons we can draw from the experience to ensure the victory of the working class in the struggles ahead.

The Referendum on Trump and the Socialist Way Forward

A record turnout indicates profound polarization in society, but without a working-class party these elections can only give a partial and distorted reflection of the mood in society.

Ocasio-Cortez Defeats the Democratic Machine—Which Way Forward for Socialists?

The political landscape is shifting fast in the US, and Democratic strategists are hoping to use this momentum to their advantage.

Teachers Fight Back Against Austerity

From West Virginia to Oklahoma and Arizona, teachers are on the move!

Build a Marxist Alternative to End the Horrors of Capitalism!

The record of capitalism throughout the world is one of dismal failure. Help us build a revolutionary leadership and put an end to this misery!

The Fight for Socialism and the Lessons of the Labor Party

Socialists must start today to lay the foundations and framework for a future mass working-class socialist party.

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