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“One Year Ago, the End of Bernie’s Campaign Pushed Me to Marxism”

April 8, 2020 is a memorable date for millions of self-described socialists in the US. It was the day that Bernie Sanders—for the second time—folded up his presidential campaign for a “political revolution against the billionaire class” and endorsed his pro-Wall Street rival. For his hopeful base, this was a bitter blow, but it was also a breaking point that helped countless socialists turn to revolutionary conclusions [1].

Last spring was a turbulent time, to say the least. The reality of the global pandemic was still sinking in, and millions were losing their jobs every week. Against this backdrop, the 2020 Democratic Primaries raged on, characterized by Bernie’s seemingly unstoppable momentum, and the desperate scramble of a dozen other candidates to cut across it.

The New York Times referred to the 2020 election, not as a race against Trump, but as “the race against Sanders.” And in the leadup to Super Tuesday, CNN host Michael Smerconish blurted out the panicked thoughts of the entire capitalist establishment: “Can either Bernie Sanders or the Coronavirus be stopped?

Their concern over Bernie’s popularity was well founded. In the first two races, in Iowa [2] and New Hampshire [3], Sanders had won the most votes, beating Pete Buttigieg by 12 percentage points among all voters under the age of 44, and by a ratio of almost three to one among voters under 29. Next was Nevada, where, despite an intense media campaign against him, Sanders won a landslide victory.

Meanwhile, Biden came in fourth place in Iowa and fifth in New Hampshire, without enough votes to win a single convention delegate. In Nevada, Bernie beat Biden by more than two to one. Suffice it to say, the primaries were not going according to plan for the Democratic Party strategists.

This all changed after Biden won his first race in South Carolina—albeit with a worse margin than Clinton in 2016, and a stronger showing for Sanders. In an unprecedented maneuver, six candidates immediately dropped out and endorsed Biden in quick succession, closing ranks against Sanders ahead of Super Tuesday [4]. Bloomberg and Warren piled in the rest after Super Tuesday’s results. Biden, one of the least popular candidates in the race, suddenly became the “anti-Bernie” focal point around which the party establishment could coalesce.

Sanders went on to win five more races, including the delegate-rich state of California, and a total of nearly ten million votes before deciding to end his campaign on April 8.

For hundreds of readers of Socialist Revolution, this was one betrayal too many. In the hours that followed Bernie’s announcement, we were inundated with hundreds of messages submitted by young people across the country looking to actively join the fight for socialism in our lifetime.

These notes offered an eye-opening glimpse into the political shift that was taking place. They contained themes of class anger, a revolutionary defiance against the capitalist system, a hatred of the Democratic Party, an appetite for Marxist theory, a bold identification with revolutionary socialism and communism, and a desire to become politically active.

One year later, many of these individuals have joined the IMT [5] and are now actively helping to build the forces of Marxism in 70 cities across the US [6]. In addition to establishing branches in new cities, and helping us to build a second, third, or fourth branch in cities where the IMT has a larger base, our comrades strive to educate [7] themselves in the revolutionary theory [8], history [9], and methods [10] of Marxism. Above all, we aim to systematically bring these ideas into the labor movement and the struggles of the working class, raising a class-independent banner [11] and a fighting socialist program [12] that can transcend capitalism once and for all.

Ted Grant, the founder of the IMT, always stressed that great events are what shake the consciousness of the masses, pushing millions of people to draw revolutionary conclusions. April 8, 2020 represented such an event. The task of socialists is to put forward a revolutionary program in a way that corresponds to the experience of the working class in its struggles under capitalism. Many momentous events are in store in the years ahead, which will push countless workers to join the fight for socialism in our lifetime. Help us build a revolutionary force that can speed up this process!

Below is a small sampling of messages—with names excluded to protect individuals’ privacy—from among the hundreds of contact submissions we received last April in response to the question: “Why do you want to get involved?”

“Why do you want to get involved?”

San Marcos, California
I feel like nothing we have done works. We need to try something new, something bolder. Democrats have failed us for the last time.

Clarksville, Tennessee
Seeing the blatant contempt for workers lives during this pandemic has convinced me that not only is a Marxist revolution necessary, it’s inevitable. We must fight as if our lives depend on it…because our lives truly depend on it.

Ottumwa, Iowa
Found you through an Internet search. I’m sick and tired of the way things are.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Because I agree that “What we need is not the ‘unity’ of the Democratic Party, but the unity of the working class.”

Hoboken, New Jersey
I’m exhausted with how things are run in the USA, and when I have a still mild naive glimmer of hope in the election process for Bernie it just repeats itself with establishment liberals kneecapping any actual progress that could’ve been achieved.

Austin, Texas
I have been inspired by the members of Socialist Revolution that I have seen in YouTube videos. I agree very much with the analysis and strategy that I have heard from them

Stevenson, Washington
I want to hear more. Disgusted with the USA’s two-party system.

Los Angeles, California
I’m tired of this two party system. At the end of the day it’s the working class who suffers and it’s time for that to change

Marietta, Georgia
I’m tired of watching people beg for their lives on sites like gofundme. I’m tired of people dying because they had to choose between paying for medication or paying their rent. I’m tired of people working 2 jobs just to break even, and when they complain are told to get a third. A human life is valuable beyond measure, yet everything our society does tells the poor otherwise. Some poor people are so brainwashed by the elite that they themselves would be willing to die for the wealthy that think nothing of them whatsoever. It’s time for that to end.

New York, New York
I used to be a Democrat and then became a socialist. I gradually came to see the failure of the modern day left, and how they systematically continue to fail the working class and are unable to tackle issues such as climate change and class inequality. Especially with the rise of COVID-19, I was infuriated by the large corporate bailouts, and realized that the key corporations and industries should be nationalized.

Pine Brook, New Jersey
It’s time to organize the labor class on a personal and local level to tear democracy from the upper classes from the ground up.

Topeka, Kansas
With Bernie dropping from the 2020 presidential race, I’ve lost all faith in the establishment and I’m looking for something more immediate.

Masury, Ohio
I’ve been fighting the capitalist system for decades! We need our own party! One that represents the masses, not the ruling class.

Charleston, West Virginia
Because there is work to be done and Bernie is out

Falcon Heights, Minnesota
I think that there is only one group around that is going to fight the fight that is needed for the working class to obtain power over their own destiny. I have since come to the conclusion that you have to go in all the way to win. I feel I have something to give other than just dues for the cause.

Dorr, Michigan
At the present time I am a monthly financial supporter of IMT. I would now like to join the party. The only way to make the world a better place is to get rid of capitalism. To get rid of it you need a mass based revolutionary workers party.

Garden City, New York
I’m tired of having to decide which of the two steaming piles of shit smells less bad

Fayetteville, North Carolina
I’ve been completely and utterly radicalized by the events of the 2016 Democratic primary and the 2019 U.K. election. After diving headfirst into theory, I’m ready for organization and collective action so we can choose socialism over barbarism.

Takoma Park, Maryland
I know that we cannot establish a real revolution through the ballot.

Burlington, Iowa
Interested in an alternative to a two party system that doesn’t represent the majority.

New York, New York
Because I am sick of centrists and liberals. Because I believe in M4A, right to free education, and woman’s health rights. Because I believe in social justice for all minorities. Because I am a woman; a PoC; and a survivor of sexual assault – and I refuse to vote for a rapist this November.

Appleton, Wisconsin
I’m tired of being angry at home doing nothing and hoping my vote is heard. It’s time we radicalize. Revolution is not optional anymore.

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
I moved states and I can’t find anything better than the DSA where I live now. I miss organizing. I want to help make the future we need.

Lithonia, Georgia
Probably a typical story most young people go through where they find themselves with these politics. I have been going in this direction for 4-5 years now and this last year of trump has been the hammer to finally make me serious about this. I want to learn and talk to like minded people so I can be the best I can be for all of us and to actually vocalize my beliefs in any coherent way. I want to actually speak with like minded people and not always reading text on a screen. I don’t really know where to start and I figure this is the best way to.

Bergenfield, New Jersey
I hate that people have to live under the crushing hand of capitalism and I want to do more as an activist and become better versed in socialist and Marxist theory and bring about the change I want to see in the world.

Norman, Oklahoma
Because I’m Marxist and am tired of voting for simply the lesser of the two evils.

Ladson, South Carolina
Enough is enough

Durham, North Carolina
To help bring about a communist state.

Richland, Washington
I want to end the two party system in America and get REAL Leftist representation.

Berkeley, California
I want to start taking meaningful action towards a worker’s revolution. I’ve spent enough time thinking and reading about it, I want to act and this organization seems to support my ideals.

Modesto, California
I am tired of the working class being exploited just for the rich to make a quick buck. I have lived the working class experience and the capitalists are destroying everything we work towards.

Downers Grove, Illinois
Radical change is needed in the U.S. Human needs and workers (not profit) need to come first. Down with capitalism.

Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania
After the Democratic establishment and the mainstream media blocked Bernie Sanders from being the nominee, I realized that this country needs a revolution on so many levels.

Queensbury, New York
I must have previously liked your page because your video came up. The ideas presented are Exactly what is necessary. I have a small child so I can’t attend meetings or make many phone calls. But I am still working from home through the summer and still being paid. I can donate some.

Hayden, Idaho
I watched the recent live stream on the COVID-19 pandemic. I agreed with the analysis provided, and agree with the solutions given to combat the crisis and the capitalist order.

Middleton, Wisconsin
I am glad to see a program that focuses on the interests of working people.

San Francisco, California
Hi, while browsing an online forum I heard about reading groups being offered through this organization. I’d be interested in joining one if possible!

Cookeville, Tennessee
Frankly I haven’t dug deep on your stuff yet, but I saw this on a Facebook post about the next step for Bernie supporters and I checked it out. I consider myself a socialist, proudly, and am interested in what you all have to say. Thank you for your time.

Chicago, Illinois
I’m a Marxist and I believe the only possible way out of the situation we are stuck is international marxist revolution. I seek to deepen my knowledge of marxism and get engage more with the international marxist movements.

Dallas, Texas
I think this organization, its perspectives and program are the best of existing Marxist organizations.

Bethesda, Maryland
Have been interested in Marxist ideas for the last 3 years, read some theory, and would like to connect with people that have similar goals to bettering society.

Mount Wolf, Pennsylvania
learn more about marxism and socialism

Fort Worth, Texas
I live in Fort Worth and I’m a Marxist Leninist.

Susanville, California
I’m 17 years old, have been heavily and intensely studying socialist theory and literature for over a year now, consider myself a socialist, am a part of the American proletariat, would like to help others in my community and beyond in whatever ways I can, would like to be a part of organization, and love to stay informed.

Beavercreek, Ohio
I’m technically still trying to figure out where I stand theory wise but I definitely am at least a far left socialist, who agrees that workers need to control the means of production. I’m a political Activist in my area

Erin, Tennessee
I’m a communist and I want communism (:

North Reading, Massachusetts
I’ve realized that electoral politics do not work as a band-aid. The only way forward is leftist revolution.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Voting has failed to secure Bernie Sanders as the candidate on the Democratic ballot twice now. I don’t foresee a Democratic Socialist achieving the presidency without revolution.

Brooklyn, New York
Done with the 2 party system – socialism now.

Des Moines, Iowa
I am so heartbroken. I stopped being a Democrat today. I haven’t told anyone yet. But I need to start organizing, connecting, and figuring out where my place is in the revolution.

Quincy, Massachusetts
Time for change. Bernie is gone. There’s no hope left in politics.

New York, New York
Bc Bernie just dropped out and idk what to do

Delran, New Jersey
I need a better alternative to the politics offered by our two party system

Spring City, Tennessee
I am disenfranchised, feeling hopeless

Phoenix, Arizona
I’m a huge Bernie supporter, and someone posted a link to this website here. I’m unsatisfied with the way things are and it appears to be impossible to make change through the two-party system. So I’m here to help make a difference for the betterment of everybody.

Flowery Branch, Georgia
We just can’t vote our way out of the problems we are facing when the establishment keeps asking us to choose between 2 fake populist candidates. We need an international movement that shows the workers of the world that we create all value and that we have true power.

Forest Hills, New York
To overthrow the political duopoly. Medicare for All. Green New Deal.

Bayonne, New Jersey
To organize socialists in America and create a socialist party

Northampton, Massachusetts
I am feeling very disillusioned after Bernie had dropped out and i want to do as much as i can to fight the billionaires and protect workers.

Madison, Wisconsin
Our present political system is NOT working.

Boulder, Colorado
Capitalism is destroying the world and all its people just for profit. I want to protect the future.

Hutto, Texas
Capitalism is a cancer. It’s time for the People to take back their power.

Hampton, Virginia
Because capitalism is destroying us all

Festus, Missouri
Capitalism is a fuck, America is a dying empire, fuck this shit!

San Tan Valley, Arizona
Because the world is burning

Prescott, Arizona

Deptford, New Jersey
So my little brother can afford his MS medication before he turns 26 and bankrupts. Also to, at the very least, bring the US back from its right-wing surge. We need socialism to stop being a scary word.

Aurora, Colorado
I’m a democratic socialist who fears for the future of our country. If those who oppress its people stay in power, then people will continue to live with fear that they are outnumbered and hopeless. It’s time for unity, change, and the end of living in fear from a police state that thrives off the turmoil & oppression of its people and other countries’ people.

Manhasset, New York
Because capitalism is a sick and evil predatory system of mass extinction

Holbrook, New York
I am only 16 years old but I am fed up of living under the failed capitalist system. I feel like I am alone – I live in the most republican part of New York! I want to work with others to build a revolution.

Lewisville, Texas
We can’t continue like this.

Cincinnati, Ohio
I’m pretty much done with capitalism.

Corona, California
I’m tired of being used and abused by a corporate entity who doesn’t care about my well being and safety.

Asheville, North Carolina
Because I am tired of nothing ever changing

Edmond, Oklahoma
My family are immigrants and we’ve been squashed by the conditions of late stage capitalism. Anything from corrupt court systems to not being able to get an appendectomy to rampant Xenophobia

San Diego, California
The state of this country is in shambles and we need widespread reform

New Britain, Connecticut
To bring awareness, cause change and end capitalism.

Thompsonville, Illinois
I want everyone to live as humans, not assets.

Swoope, Virginia
Capitalism is an inherently unsustainable economic system that exploits the working class that has created its wealth.

San Francisco, California
To end capitalism & restructure the society with a planned economy & leadership of the proletariat.

Los Angeles, California
I want humans in America to have their basic needs met.

New Orleans, Louisiana
Want to fight to end ills of capitalism

Indianapolis, Indiana
The system no longer supports the people who fundamentally support it, and a revolution is long overdue.

Davenport, Florida
I believe that capitalism has enabled corporations to brainwash the American people for their own gain and I’m tired of it. Capitalism isn’t working here. I am ready for something new.

Ozone Park, New York
The only way out is through, and there is truly no sense of justice under capitalism where everything is done for profit. I am tired of having to question whether the things I am being told are the truth because I know it is not. I am tired of being lied to and suppressed. I am an artist at heart, and music is my passion. This system doesn’t care about me. But more importantly, this system will never breed anything but more hate and a deeper separation. I have felt a large change coming for a long time and know socialism and political revolution is the way through.

Oregon, Ohio
To abolish the capitalist system of suffocation to the majority. I want a better world for the working class people who are enslaved to the ruling class of the billionaires.

Aberdeen, Maryland
I’m tired of America being an oligarchy.

Austin, Texas
I have a lot of angst and aggression from current events that I’d rather find a productive outlet for than lashing out.

Portland, Oregon
Because I am vehemently anti capitalist and want change for the workers of the world.

San Francisco, California
To hasten the fall of capitalism

Boston, Massachusetts
Enough is enough

Marlton, New Jersey
I want a socialist revolution.

Fort Worth, Texas
Because I don’t want to die from climate change.

Longview, Texas
America is literally dying under capitalism, our gov’t will do nothing to help us as they are bought by the bourgeois, the elite that truly rule this country and fight tooth and nail to keep the poor poor or worse try to kill the poor out.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
If there was ever a time for a revolution, this would be it.

Madison, Wisconsin
Tired of exploitation and suffering due to capitalism

Denver, Colorado
Because I have always wanted to get involved but now I am unemployed for an extended period of time so I want to start now

Parma Heights, Ohio
I’m trying to get off the sidelines

Gresham, Oregon
Any way possible at this point. I just need to be involved and doing something.

Wills Point, Texas
What steps can I take, as a youth in the middle of East Texas (Trump won 80% of the vote in my county in 2016) to spread the ideas of liberty, freedom, and justice for working people?

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Want to help build a working-class, socialist organization. Want to get involved in the organization to contribute my skills.

Boulder, Colorado
To push for further radicalization to the left within the general populace

Gardner, Kansas
I want to join a revolutionary socialist party

Lakewood, Ohio
To organize and keep the socialist movement going.

Toledo, Ohio
Interested in finding local orgs and/or forming one

Durham, North Carolina
I am a student at Duke University, but I didn’t discover ideas of socialism in college; only has being in college exposed some of the larger structural faults in the way that education shapes and forms the perspectives of people that then go on to contribute to the “economy.” I am an artist and a neuroengineer who wants to do research on perception and communication and how those mechanisms have created the world that we live in.

Fort Wayne, Indiana
I want to help the movement in whatever way I can

Ayer, Massachusetts
I want to work with others on a path to meaningful direct action.

Pensacola, Florida
We have to do something, as far as I know there’s not much support in my area

Zion, Illinois
Interest in organizing locally. How can I contact the existing branch in Chicago as they are only ~45 min away from me?

Tacoma, Washington
I’m a gosh dang commie n I’m curious as to what y’all are working on building and achieving

Portland, Maine
I’ve been involved in left-wing activism on and off for 20 years. I think capitalism is in the throes of serious crisis right now and want to get more organized.

Stanford University, California
I’m a graduate student studying neuroscience and am curious about your organization. While I have not been especially active in politics in the past, in recent years I’ve become more and more skeptical of the two-party system and am interested in learning what alternative models are out there. I was wondering if it would be possible to schedule a phone call or video chat with someone from your organization, in order to learn more about you and what you do.

Tampa, Florida
To do something to help my fellow workers, and to build a better country for all of us all

Gloucester, Massachusetts
To go out hopeful. I’m Bernie’s age, with similar political experience. I’ve been hoping for such a Movement for many years, and it now seems seriously possible.

Minneapolis, Minnesota
To create a better world

Mexico City
I want to change the world for the better

Austin, Texas
I need something to believe in.

Grand Rapids, Michigan
Political agency for all, social stability for all, health and education for all.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
What other hope do we have?

Chico, California
These ideals align with my own.

Marina, California
I want to live in a just world.

Pensacola, Florida
I want to improve my area and allow for more socialist ideas in community.

Diamond Lake, Oregon
I’m a Bernie supporter plus I’m a community minded person who believes in equality, hates hierarchy. Life is just more meaningful when working for the good of society than under the motivations of capitalism…greed and fear.

Chicago, Illinois
I realized that without solidarity of working class people, there will be only cosmetic changes in society

Fort Mohave, Arizona
Compassion, humans over corporate profit.

Russellville, Arkansas
I am getting involved because of my care for human prosperity. I believe that Marxist ideas are crucial to the advancement of our civilization. I am studying mathematics/physics at Arkansas Tech University and hope to someday work at a university or in another form of academia. I as well as many other students who come from the lower class spend equally as much time learning as we do worrying about the costs of it all. I am very passionate about the technological advancement of our civilization. I want to get involved because I feel that I have a duty to contribute to an ideology that is required as a foundation for the betterment of the human race.

San Antonio, Texas
I want to do more for my community.

Salt Lake City, Utah
To help get us to the Promised Land that Dr. King envisioned.

Arnold, Missouri
I’m not quite sure yet, but, I absolutely want to make a difference and aid in the transformation in our government and our country.

Kansas City, MO
This box is way too small to answer. Ask me in person.