Bolshevism—Second North American Edition Now Available!

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There have been many books and potted histories of the Russian Revolution, either written from an anti-Bolshevik perspective, or its Stalinist mirror image, which paint a false account of the rise of Bolshevism. For them, Bolshevism is either a historical “accident” or “tragedy.” Or it is portrayed erroneously as the work of one great man (Lenin) who marched single-minded toward the October Revolution. Author Alan Woods reveals the real evolution of Bolshevism as a living struggle of various class forces, tendencies and individuals. 

Using a wealth of primary sources, Woods uncovers the fascinating growth and development of Bolshevism in pre-revolutionary Russia up to the seizure of power in October 1917. This second edition comes at an important time, as the world economic crisis calls for a thorough study of working class history in order to educate a new generation of Marxist revolutionaries.

By Alan Woods. 649 pages.

Praise for Bolshevism: The Road to Revolution:

. . . The text revives original sources of Marxism and demonstrates important means to conduct a revolutionary process . . .

— Octavio Borges (Granma in Cuba)

“. . . One of the finest historical/analytical works the Trotskyist movement has ever produced.”

— Ian Donovan (Weekly Worker)

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