Build a Marxist Alternative to End the Horrors of Capitalism!
The record of capitalism throughout the world is one of dismal failure. Help us build a revolutionary leadership and put an end to this misery!

In the Philippines, there is an industry that sells pagpag to poor people. What is pagpag? Businesses purchase food collected from the garbage and take scraps of uneaten chicken, fish, pork and beef and scrape it, wash it, boil it and mash it up with “sauce.” This growing cottage industry has actually become a staple in the impoverished areas of Manila and other cities.

The Filipino capitalists and US imperialists have never been able to develop the Philippines economy and provide a decent standard of living. In 2015, the Philippine state estimated that the 21% of the population who make less than $1,982 a year are living in poverty. A more realistic definition shows poverty is even greater. This is why strongmen like Rodrigo Duterte are installed to instill fear and make demagogic promises to keep the workers down—he will never deliver his promise of creating a middle class society under capitalism. Eventually, the Filipino working class will fight back, as they did when they brought down the Marcos dictatorship.

The record of capitalism throughout the world is one of dismal failure. The richest 8 men own wealth equal to the bottom 50% of the world’s population. 82% of the world’s wealth that was generated last year went to the top 1%. Half of the world’s population—3 billion people—live on less than $2.50 a day, while 1.3 billion people live on less than $1.25 a day.

Socialist Revolution and the International Marxist Tendency is building a leadership which can help the working class take power and create a world of abundance for all. We need money to achieve our goal. Funds raised in the US help the movement here and abroad, where US dollars go a long way.

We thank our comrades and sympathizers for their sacrifice to raise these needed resources. Melissa in NJ recently contributed $1,000! In Boston, and the San Francisco Bay Area, comrades have taken the initiative of organizing Marxist study groups and have so far sold over 40 copies of Four Marxist Classics. In NYC, Parson recently doubled his monthly contribution to the IMT. Every donation, subscription, and purchase of Socialist Revolution at the $5 solidarity rate adds up. We need to reach $50,000 with our annual Fighting Fund Appeal in 2018. These contributions allow us to continually expand the reach of our ideas, and build our forces. Help us put an end to the misery of capitalism!