The devastation of the coronavirus pandemic is a product of capitalism, a system that puts profit over the lives of people. Only the working class and a workers’ government, armed with a revolutionary socialist program, can put an end to this nightmare!

Coronavirus pushes the world to a crisis
Capitalism Threatens to Throw Us Back to the Dark Ages

The coronavirus pandemic is shutting down society and paralyzing production around the world. The global capitalist system is facing an existential crisis, with a slump that is affecting all countries simultaneously.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Illustration
COVID-19 Pandemic: The Threatening Catastrophe and How to Combat It

The following statement by the International Marxist Tendency explains how capitalism has utterly failed to deal with the coronavirus crisis, and is putting the lives of millions of people at risk.

Airline Industry Collapse Shows Need for Socialist Planning

The global airline industry is on its knees, facing an unprecedented crisis. It is no exaggeration to say that this could be worse than 9/11 and the 2008 slump combined.

Fever Checkpoint COVID-19
American Capitalism on the Edge of the Abyss

The COVID-19 pandemic has plunged American society into panic. With confirmed cases and the death toll rising by the hour, capitalism has already proved incapable of dealing with this crisis.

2019 Novel Coronavirus
Coronavirus and the Crisis of Capitalism: Livestream Tomorrow 3PM ET

Fred Weston, editor of In Defence of Marxism, will discuss the ongoing coronavirus pandemic at 3PM ET tomorrow, Monday, March 16.

Coronavirus Pandemic Opens a New Stage in World History

The new coronavirus has set in motion a chain reaction, which is upending any semblance of stability in one country after another. All of the contradictions of the capitalist system are coming crashing to the […]

Italy closed coronavirus
Italy: The Coronavirus Epidemic Is an Emergency, but Capitalism Is the Real Disaster

The coronavirus crisis in Italy is the most severe of Europe. This shows the chronic failures of the government, whose response has been totally inadequate.

Capitalist System in Meltdown

The coronavirus has become the catalyst for a crash on the stock markets, with drastic slumps everywhere on “Black Monday.” The epidemic has exposed the deep sickness in the capitalist system.

Coronavirus Italy Emergency
Coronavirus in Italy—Indiscriminate Measures and Fearmongering

Rather than inform the public and protect public health, the Italian government enacted inefficient measures, caused panic, and suppressed the labor movement.

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Coronavirus Outbreak Threatens World Economy

The coronavirus outbreak triggered the biggest wave of stock market losses since 2008. Markets are worried that the virus will have a serious impact on an already weak world economy.

China Send Off Li Wenliang
The Impact of the Coronavirus Outbreak on the Chinese Regime

The spread of coronavirus throughout China is beginning to have serious political repercussions for the regime, and Xi Jinping is struggling to keep the lid down.

Chinese Masses Caught Between Disease and Dictatorship

The Coronavirus outbreak in China is critical. A general mood of fear has engulfed the country. Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak, has been rendered into a virtual ghost town.