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Workers and youth want to resist the austerity being implemented by Federal, state and local governments. The big business–owned media is now filling people’s heads with garbage like:  “There is no alternative to cutbacks and concessions; we must work longer and can no longer retire at 65; we must get paid less so the company will not go out of business; we must pay higher taxes and tighten our belts and this will improve the economy.”

This is exactly why we need Socialist Appeal. It answers all these lies with facts and figures. If you read Socialist Appeal, you’ll know that on average, due to increased productivity and technology, one worker working today can produce twice the amount that one worker produced in one hour in 1970. That means we should be able to retire at a younger age!  Socialist Appeal explains that if we share out the work that needs to be done by reducing the work week to 30 hours per week without reducing pay, there would be an almost immediate end to unemployment. However, this would mean that the profits pocketed by the rich would need to be taken back by the workers that create that wealth in the first place.

Unlike the corporate media, Socialist Appeal shows how more and more wealth is concentrated in the hands of the richest 2%, while the rest of us are being forced to accept austerity.  They say: “Share the pain!” while we say: “Make the rich pay for their crisis!”

So to expand Socialist Appeal’s distribution and to help us come out more often, we ask those of you who buy our paper or subscribe, to please contribute $5, $10, $50 or whatever contribution you can make. Every amount donated is a sacrifice, especially these days. But even small sacrifices add up when we all pool our resources!  As an example, recently, one worker at a public employees’ rally in NYC bought a copy of Socialist Appeal for $5 instead of the cover price of $2.

The ideas put forward in Socialist Appeal are connecting like never before. This is reflected in the tremendous success we have had so far with the Workers International League Summer Fighting Fund Appeal. At the Marxist Summer School held in late May in Minnesota, the attendees pledged donations totaling more than $13,000! Not a bad start to the collection, which continues until Labor Day, September 5! But remember, we need to get this money in. So please send in your pledges and consider donating if you have not yet pledged.

During the first quarter of this year, we raised $2,144 toward our target of $2,000.  Thanks to everyone who contributed and helped us break the target! The target for the second quarter of the year is $6,000. Let’s try to surpass this one as well!

There are literally hundreds of Socialist Appeal readers around the country. If everyone donated $10 or $20, or even just $5 toward our Fighting Fund, this would go a long way toward allowing us to expand our work. Even better, why not join the Workers International League and help us spread the ideas of Socialist Appeal
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