Election 2008: Follow the Money

Hillary Clinton

Along with many other sectors of the ruling class, the arms industry is shifting to the “left” and backing Hillary Clinton. In a reversal of their previous approach to campaign funding, the top U.S. five arms manufacturers have given a combined $103,900 to Democratic candidates, as opposed to $86,800 to GOP candidates.  They have all but deserted Republican John McCain, a diehard supporter of the war, as evidenced by the fact that he received just $19,200 from the weapons industry compared to the $52,600 Hillary has received so far.

Those in big business clearly know that the policies of the Democrats are good for them. In fact, Hillary Clinton is the new favorite of Wall Street, with hefty funding coming her way over the past three months. In fact, her funding amounts to over half of all the funding given to the Democrats by the weapons industry, and 60 percent of the total funding that the Republicans have received from the weapons industry. During the 2004 elections, G.W. Bush received over twice the funding from the weapons industry that John Kerry received.

Hillary Clinton and Wesley Clark

The fact that Clinton is supported by the arms manufacturers is no surprise. She was the first New York Senator on the armed services committee. She supported the invasion of Iraq, and of candidates from both parties, she has one of the most hawkish positions on Iran, indicating that she would not rule out using military strikes against that country.

General Wesley Clark, who was at the head of NATO forces during its 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia, has endorsed Hillary Clinton, and other prominent generals are close to her as well.  Given that General Wesley Clark is a former presidential candidate, some believe that he may be a potential vice presidential running mate.

The ruling class always invests according to its interests, and Hillary Clinton is clearly the favorite of the weapons industry. She has proved herself to be a loyal defender of big business while at the same time presenting a “left” face in order to divert the discontent of the working class into “safe” channels.

This is all just further proof that like the Republicans, the Democrats are a party of big business.  They have repeatedly shown their true colors over the years, with continued support for the war, anti-worker legislation, and a pro-profit “health care” plan.

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