In response to the international appeal by the comrades of the Mexican Marxist journal Militante, members of the Workers International League (publishers of Socialist Appeal and El Militante Sin Fronteras) have organized an "Emergency Protest Against Electoral Fraud in Mexico" for Friday, July 14 at 11:30 am at the Mexican Consulate in St. Paul, Minnesota. WIL members and their supporters will be present with signs and flyers calling on the Mexican labor movement to call a general strike to defeat the electoral fraud.A broad appeal has been made to the Latino community and the response so far has been excellent. A report and photos will be available after the event.  Please see below for more information.


What: A picket of the Mexican consulate in St. Paul to join the Mexican people in protest against the electoral fraud that is being perpetrated in Mexico.

When: Friday, July 14 at 11:30 am.  Please be prompt so we can maximize our numbers and effect.

:  The Mexican consulate in St. Paul (797 7th St E.)  See below for a map.

Why: The Mexican Elections are not yet over.  Although the Federal Electoral Institute has given the PAN's Felipe Calderon a majority, the final determination can only be made by the Superior Court of the Federal Electoral Tribunal. There are many legal channels yet to pursue, so a final decision is far from being made.  And yet the United States and a handful of other governments have already recognized Calderon as the winner. There is ample evidence of irregularities in the vote counting process, and hundreds of thousands of Mexican citizens have come out on the streets to demand a ballot-by-ballot recount.  They are convinced that their candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador (of the PRD) has been fraudulently denied victory due to his promises to "put the poor first". More massive mobilizations in Mexico are planned for this weekend.

Come join us as part of a day of international "election observers" to let the Fox government and the workers and poor of Mexico know the world is watching.  No to electoral fraud in Mexico!


For more information or to endorse this event, please contact John Peterson and El Militante Sin Fronteras at: [email protected].  For more information on the international call to action, please see http://www.militante.org/. Please help us distribute this information widely.


Click here for a map to the Mexican Consulate in St. Paul. 

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