Art and Class Struggle

Art has always been important to people, from its earliest beginnings in magic and ritual to our present day where it is difficult to imagine life without it—without color, music, fantasy, and imagination. The emergence of classes following the division of labor led to astonishing gains in society’s productive capacity—and in turn, exponential progress in the arts, science, philosophy, and culture at large—but these developments were made through the systematic exploitation and oppression of the majority of people. Under capitalism today, millions live and work in alienating conditions and are forcibly excluded from enjoying or participating in the arts.

Marxists argue that the emancipation of humanity can only be achieved by revolutionary means—that is, by the socialist transformation of society. Only the harmonious, democratic planning of society’s productive forces by the working majority can initiate a cultural revolution and thus liberate the arts from the stranglehold of private monopoly and exploitation. This is why we fight for socialism: a world in which humanity’s creative potential is finally unleashed, where art and culture are truly free and belong to everyone, not just the propertied few.

Join us for a discussion on the role of art in class society and in the revolutionary struggle for a better world.


Jan 31 2021


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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