International Commemoration for Hans-Gerd Öfinger

Hans-Gerd Öfinger, one of the International Marxist Tendency’s leading members in the German-speaking world, tragically passed away in March of complications resulting from COVID-19.

We will hold an online memorial meeting for comrade Hans-Gerd, celebrating his contribution to the development of our organization, and the class struggle at large.

A physical vigil was already organized outside Hans-Gerd’s home in Wiesbaden on April 4, with over 200 people singing revolutionary songs to mark their respect for his lifelong contribution to building the forces of Marxism. We are organizing this international, online event so that the many comrades, supporters and friends all over the world, who were touched by Hans-Gerd’s life and works, can pay their respects.

Time: Saturday April 17, 11 AM EST

Place: Zoom. Please click here and register.

Language: English with translation into Spanish (If you require Spanish translations, please click here to join our translation Discord server).


Apr 17 2021


11:00 am - 1:00 pm

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