Revolutionary Philosophy of Marxism

The great philosophies of history arose during periods of great rupture and change. As the world is entering into enormous crisis, a new interest in fundamental questions of human existence is rupturing forth. The conventional wisdom of the seemingly stable past falls into question. We are all wondering, if the world cannot go on as it has, what is going to happen?

In times of such great uncertainty, we look back at those who have themselves studied the wisdom of the past and formulated an answer. Dialectics, from Hegel, was a theory of how ideas change over history. Marx took this method, and turned it off its head, set it right side up. Seeing that ideas are situated in a larger civil society, he explained that changes is consciousness follow changes in socio-economic structures of society.

To this end, following him, we turn our attention back to the crisis of capitalism, with new eyes, seeing how a new, socialist world is possible. Suggested reading:


Sep 27 2020


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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