The Threat of an Eviction Crisis

There are roughly 30 million people in the US facing the dire prospect of being thrown out of their home. This is not because there are not enough homes but purely for the sake of profitability and the failure of capitalism to provide for people. In a society of such extreme plenty, the pervasive homelessness and eviction in our country is truly shameful. This problem not only persists, but is becoming catastrophic during this pandemic.

More than a decade after a brutal housing crisis, capitalism once again is utterly failing to provide adequate means of life for millions of working Americans. This time there is a significant fight back. With numerous calls for rent strikes and even many heroic local efforts to right evictions, there remains a lack of direction as how to overcome this issues. We will put forward a class struggle approach, uniting renters struggles with workplace struggles and a socialist political program.


Feb 25 2021


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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