Why We Are Marxists

It is clear that capitalism’s promises to the working class have all been a lie. The economy falls to ruin every few years, and with that collapse, millions of working people are simply thrown to the wolves by a state that does not serve them but instead serves money and those who posses it. So what is the alternative to this mode of production? How can we free ourselves of the bondage of living in industrial, capitalist society? We at the International Marxist Tendency believe the answer is socialism, and the only way to achieve that future is through the discipline of Marxist thought. Join us to find out why we are Marxists, and what that means in the struggle against oppression. Discussion led by Liam V., come and join in a interesting conversation in this event of the Marxist Student Association and the International Marxist Tendency.


Oct 16 2020


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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United States