The struggle against fascism has been a concern for Marxists internationally for nearly 70 years. In order to carry out this struggle successfully, it is important to understand what fascism is and where it comes from.

Level 1: An Introduction

Trotsky and the Struggle Against Fascism – Fred Weston

Trotsky and the Struggle Against Fascism in Germany – Phil Mitchinson

Fascism: What It Is and How to Fight It – Leon Trotsky


Level 2: Fascism in Spain

The Spanish Revolution 1931–37 – Ted Grant

Lessons of Spain: The Last Warning – Leon Trotsky


Level 3: Germany

Selections from Germany: From Revolution to Counter-Revolution – Rob Sewell

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Level 4: Theoretical Elaborations on Fascism

Bonapartism and Fascism – Leon Trotsky

Trotsky’s Last Article – Leon Trotsky


Level 5: Fascism After the War

From: The Menace of Fascism: What It is and How to Fight It – Ted Grant


Level 6: France on the Eve of World War II

Whither France? – Leon Trotsky