Fight For $15! Fight For Socialism! [Leaflet]

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NEWWILLOGO1SmallerMany people argue that the working class no longer exists, or that it is no longer a revolutionary force for change. The Marxists, however, look beneath the superficial appearances, and understand that as long as capitalism and classes continue, so too does the class struggle. We cannot look at the unions, their leadership, or the rank and file as something static and unchanging.

The present labor leadership accepts the capitalist system as the only possible way to organize human society. However, capitalism is in decline worldwide and offers nothing but further cuts, attacks, and austerity. Unfortunately, most labor leaders reflect the past—not the present or the future—and have no confidence in the power of the working class. They see class appeasement and backroom deals as the only way to maintain their positions. This has led labor into the dead end of a decades-long decline. With few exceptions, it has been years since mass labor struggles galvanized the country. A complete break with the approach of the recent past is needed. Only policies that recognize the irreconcilable interests of the workers and the bosses, and which seek to mobilize the power of the working class can show the way forward.

The lack of a lasting, nationwide labor party has allowed the bosses to keep profits high and to roll back the unions, wages, rights, and conditions workers won in the past; we have no alternative but to fight back in both the workplace and politically. A break with the Democrats and the formation of a labor party is an urgent necessity. However, while a mass party of labor will represent a giant step forward, unless it breaks with capitalism and fights for socialism, it too will be forced to carry out austerity.

As the class struggle surges in the years ahead, existing unions will be renewed from top to bottom, new unions will rise, and old ones will disappear. The old guard leaders will be pushed to the left or pushed out altogether. Millions of youth will join the many social movements, labor struggles, and unionization drives that will emerge. Eventually, these currents will converge in a united economic and political struggle to fundamentally change society.

The Marxists have full confidence in the working class. There are already important signs of a reawakening of this mighty and decisive social power. Once the workers begin to move, no force on earth can stop us from changing society—provided we are armed with the necessary leadership, methods, and perspectives. We invite you you learn more about the International Marxist Tendency and the struggle for a labor party and for socialism.

Download this leaflet here.

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