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Fighting Fund Appeal

wil logo small thumbThe WIL had an outstanding end to 2012, with solid growth, enormous enthusiasm, and tremendous optimism for the future of the world socialist revolution. The progress we have made since our founding just 10 years ago was highlighted by the over $15,000 we collected for our Fighting Fund over the course of 2012, surpassing our target by several hundred dollars.

With cuts and austerity raining heavily upon the workers and youth worldwide and in the U.S., 2013 is sure to be filled with many challenges and surprises—as well as opportunities to win many more people to the ideas of Marxism.

As we commemorate the centenary of comrade Ted Grant, we urge our members, readers, supporters, and sympathizers to help us build a fitting monument to Ted’s ideas: in the form of a growing and dynamic worldwide revolutionary organization, the International Marxist Tendency and its U.S. section, the Workers International League.

Help us reach our Q1 target of $6,000! Donate part of your tax returns! Hold a house party and raise funds by selling food and beverages! Any and all contributions in any amount are appreciated and will help us collectively achieve our goal: ending the horrors and misery of capitalism once and for all!

You can contribute online at www.MarxistBooks.com or send check or money order to:

Wellred, PO Box 18302,
Minneapolis, MN  55418


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