Fighting Fund Appeal

newwillogo1smallerIn 1935, a young socialist from France went to meet Trotsky, who was in exile in Norway. When this young French socialist told Trotsky of the financial problems facing the publication of the Marxist papers in France, Trotsky said the following: “If something is well understood and clearly expressed, then the means to say it will come easily! To the extent to which you have a clear theoretical vision of things, you will also have the political will to make them happen. If you really want to succeed in doing something that you have clearly understood, then you will also be capable of finding the means.”

The members of the Workers International League have a “strong political will” and we have shown this since we first launched Socialist Appeal. But so much more needs to be done! We need Socialist Appeal to come out more often. We need a larger format for Socialist Appeal, so we can put out more news and analysis. We have expenses related to our ever-improving website. But all of this takes money in capitalist America.

Our members are showing the political will and dedication to raise this money. JL in Minnesota donated his computer expertise to help a co-worker and got a $100 donation for Socialist Appeal. Kath in NJ gave $100 to help Socialist Appeal. Comrade SG is moving from New Jersey to Madison, Wisconsin, and the NJ comrades had a send-off party for him, raising $54. A similar going-away party was held in Minnesota, raising over $100. Comrades in St. Louis showed great initiative. They held an event to commemorate the 1877 general strike and raised more than $200.

So far, we have raised 34% of the Fighting Fund target of $15,050 for the year 2013. We have four more months to go to make and possibly break the target. What can you do to help? Please send your donation now! $200, $100, $50, $20, and even $5 is a great help. Better yet, become a sympathizer and make a monthly contribution. This can be done automatically by Paypal, online banking, or credit card. Just contact us for info on how to set this up.

The American working class is capable of finding the means to fund its own liberation from wage slavery and the chronic unemployment of capitalism. Forward to socialism!


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