Financial Appeal: Help Defeat the Right!

Fascists and white supremacists have recently raised their ugly heads. Last January, at a conference in Washington, DC, Richard Spencer gave a Nazi salute and some in that tiny audience joined in. Then in Charlottesville, an assortment of fascists and so-called white nationalists, including the KKK’s David Duke, marched and were met by thousands of counter-protesters. A cowardly fascist then murdered Heather Heyer and injured many others with his car. There was also the spectacle of President Trump defending these racists and fascists, blaming the so-called “alt-left” for the right wing’s violence!

The far right and Trump himself are signs of the decay of American capitalism. While driving down living standards and creating more instability in people’s lives, the right tries to blame immigrants, blacks, Latinos, foreigners, and Jews to distract people from the real source of their problems—capitalism!

Trump lives in the White House and has many gold-plated private homes around the country, while millions of workers cannot afford to pay rent, mortgages, car payments, and other debts. In addition to Trump, the world’s top 500 billionaires have no worries as they have more than $5 trillion in wealth between them—money they made through the exploitation of the working class.

The workers cannot depend on the Democrats or those committed to “reforming capitalism” to change this situation. These people are as effective as someone who puts on a Band-Aid to fight cancer. This leads to demoralization, and with no way out, some desperate layers of the population look to demagogues like Trump and the far right. The working class, if organized and mobilized, can easily defeat these small far-right groups—and they can also bring down the Trump government. But we need a mass socialist party of the working class to get there. As part of this struggle, we also need a Marxist paper to orient the movement with working class analysis, program, and perspectives.

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