Forward to a Socialist future with the Socialist Appeal Fighting Fund!

Comrades, supporters and friends, thanks to your sacrifice, we beat the target for the first quarter.  The target was $2,000 and we came in with $2,159 – a terrific start to the new year! Our next Fighting Fund target, covering April, May and June, is a more substantial $6,400.  But with more hard work and sacrifice we can raise this sum plus more. Already, several supporters have said they want to make a significant contribution as we enter one of the busiest periods of the year. Make your contribution today!

Capitalism is the dictatorship of the boss at work. It is mass unemployment and dead-end jobs. It is wars that never end while a new war begins. It is Federal, state and local government cuts in social programs. It is starvation and disease for millions around the world. It is expensive education costs with no jobs to follow. This nightmare can end if the power of the working class is mobilized to end it. However, this requires a leadership for the labor movement that is not afraid to speak about and advocate socialist policies. Building that leadership will not happen overnight, but if we do not begin now, we will never get there.

Help Socialist Appeal and the Workers International League bring our socialist program to the labor movement, in order to transform the unions into fighting organizations that can fundamentally change society. Help us bring socialist ideas to the students, so they can mobilize in mass, and show by example how real change can truly happen.

The struggle for socialism is a world movement. Victories in one country are victories for the workers and youth of every country. Help Marxists build leadership in countries like Egypt and Tunisia, so those revolutions end in success.

Many of our members and supporters are out on the streets, reaching out to workers to get their support for socialist ideas. We had a terrific participation of 25 WIL members and supporters at the April 9 anti-war demonstrations in New York, with 4 tables at the rally and 3 banners in the march. Many people came to us and said that they had read our ideas online and were happy to meet us in person. Steve from Boston received $20 from a woman who appreciates our support for the Cuban revolution. Another supporter was given $10 for our support for the creation of a mass party of labor. Others have also stepped up to support our work financially. In Minneapolis, PR gave $20 and has decided to join the WIL.

This is how we can continue to build the forces of revolutionary Marxism in the U.S. With $5 here, $20 there, it all adds up. Those who can make even greater sacrifices, to help further the end of capitalism, we greatly appreciate.  Can you help us today?

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