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imt international marxist tendencyAugust 20, 2015 was the seventy-fifth anniversary of the assassination of the great Marxist revolutionary, Leon Trotsky. Stalin had this man killed, but he could not kill his ideas! Trotsky explained that capitalism had to be uprooted and a new socialist world established, or else misery and crisis would haunt humanity. We can see how right he was as we see poverty, unemployment, war, and environmental disaster sweep the planet.

Peter Georgescu, a retired corporate boss, recently wrote that he and other American bosses are “scared.” What are they afraid of? They believe that growing inequality of wealth in the US will lead to social unrest and instability. What is his solution? More government “tax incentives” to businesses if they pay their workers more. In other words, big business should not reduce their profits to increase pay—the government should do it. But where does the government get its money? We know it is mainly the working class that pays the taxes.

Take presidential candidate Donald Trump as an example. He claims to be worth $10 billion. Others say he is worth less, maybe $1 billion. As we go to press, he has not released his tax returns. Why? Because it will likely reveal how little this billionaire pays, while working people generally pay more than 30% of their wages to income, payroll, sales, and property taxes, not to mention tolls and user fees.

The growing polarization of wealth and income is not limited to the US, but is a worldwide phenomenon. Trotsky would explain that it is not an aberration, but exactly in line with what Marx and Engels predicted back in 1848. The only way to solve this problem and resolve the crisis gripping humanity is to fight for the socialist transformation of society.

The IMT is building the forces that will arm the working class theoretically and programmatically to win the future battles against the billionaire class. We are working in more than 40 countries around the world. Comrades are intervening in student struggles in Brazil, Mexico, Austria, and Italy. Comrades are part of the Jeremy Corbyn campaign for Labour Party leader in Britain, fighting for socialist policies. Comrades in Pakistan are in the forefront of many struggles of the trade unions and the youth, in extremely difficult conditions. In Greece, the comrades are fighting for a break with capitalism and an end to austerity. Here in the US, we are intervening in schools and universities, unions, the Black Lives Matter movement, and around the Sanders campaign, explaining that the fight to change society is a serious undertaking that needs a strong organization based on Marxism.

However, in a country where the six biggest media conglomerates own 90% of the media—this requires cash. This year, we have a target of raising $25,000 to get offices in New York City. We appreciate everyone who has donated so far. If you have not pledged, please make a donation today! Some may like to contribute on a monthly basis: $50, $20, or $10. Every monthly donation of $5 or more means you receive a free subscription to Socialist Appeal. Help keep Trotsky’s ideas alive and by doing this, help bring about a socialist future!

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