Historical Materialism

Level 1: Introduction to Fundamental Concepts

Introduction to Historical Materialism – Alan Woods and Rob Sewell

Historical Materialism: A Study Guide – Mick Brooks


Level 2: Eras and Events

Civilization, Barbarism, and the Marxist View of History – Alan Woods


Level 3: Engels’ Letters

Engels to Borgius, January 25, 1894 (often erroneously cited as addressed to Starenburg)

Engels to Schmidt, August 5, 1890

Engels to Bloch, September 21, 1890

Engels to Boenigk, August 21, 1890

Engels to Mehring, July 14, 1893


Level 4: Before Capitalism

Pre-Capitalist Economic Formations – Karl Marx


Level 5: Classical Elaborations

The Materialist Conception of History – G. Plekhanov

On Historical Materialism – Franz Mehring