will shapira

How I Left the Democratic Party and Found the WIL

At first, it was not so much what the national Democratic Party was as what it wasn’t. Then, I began to see the Democratic Party abandon its ideals and principles and when Pres. Clinton rammed through NAFTA and a destructive welfare “reform” bill, I knew I was on the way out. (Yes, breaking up is hard to do.)

I tried several national and local communist and socialist organizations but for one reason or another, we didn’t work out and divorced.

When I learned of WIL and began an email correspondence with John Peterson, I knew I finally had found my political home—at age 75.

I think there are many Democrats out there waiting to be shown something new and better, who are totally disillusioned with President Obama and his administration and who must face the sad fact that the Democratic leadership willingly allowed their party to become a wholly owned subsidiary of the GOP (Greedy Old Plutocrats).

I have told Mr. Peterson that I think a major part of our recruitment program must be to give Disillusioned Dems who feel their party has left them to now leave the party and join us. (Yes, breaking up is hard to do.)

We need to convince them that it’s time they dissociate themselves from the ruinous policies of war criminal George W. Bush as continued by Pres. Obama.

No, we won’t have a major impact on the 2012 election but we will be heard. We need to explain to the public how and why we are building a party that will end once and for all the plutrocratic, oligarchical rule of voracious, inhumane capitalists. We need to tell and show people how we are working to bring peace and justice to America and to the world with our labor-based party of democratic socialism.

With the help of Disaffected Dems, we will fulfill the long-abandoned promises and ideals that the Dems once espoused and offer peace and true social and economic justice “with liberty and justice for all.”

Best of all, disaffected Dems who join WIL will be our best recruiters for more members, and on and on.

Yes, breaking up is hard to do but sometimes it’s necessary if one is to maintain principles, moral convictions and self-respect and work for a better future. Onward, Comrades!


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