Resolution Supporting Immigrant Rights Passed by ILWU #10


Whereas, millions of working people have demonstrated against HR4437 which passes the House of Representatives and would build a 700 mile wall at the border with Mexico and make it a felony to be an undocumented worker or to help one; and

Whereas, other “guest worker” proposals are employer schemes to exploit immigrant workers without providing full rights: and

Whereas, this massive migration is the result of the devastating effect of NAFTA on the Mexican economy, pushed by both parties, Republican and Democrat; and

Whereas, the LIWU Longshore Division sent a Delegation in 1994 to Mexico t try and galvanize opposition among the longshore unions to the unionbusting and anti-worker effects of NAFTA but was unsuccessful; and

Whereas, the ILWU has always defended immigrant workers’ rights beginning with International President Harry Bridges who the U.S. government tried to deport four times; and

Whereas; the present wave of largely Latino and Asian immigrants face the threat of deportation and such threats only serve to intimidate workers and drive down wages and working conditions for all workers;

Therefore be it resolved that the ILWU will continue its principled fight for the rights of immigrant workers by calling for an end to the deportations, ranting full citizenship rights and mobilizing the labor movement against racist attacks by Minutemen.

Jack Heyman #8780

ILWU #10

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