Welcome to Marxist University 2022, four days of online discussion dedicated to understanding the fundamental principles of Marxism, hosted by the International Marxist Tendency on July 23–26.


The world is in a deep crisis. War, inequality, suffering, and the pandemic have become the new normal for life under capitalism. Yet the ruling class, politicians, and their ideologues in bourgeois academia have proven their inability to even understand the seemingly chaotic world we live in, let alone change it for the better. In all this uncertainty, Marxism stands out as the only method capable of making sense of the turmoil and providing a practical basis to fight for our future.

For this reason, Marxist University 2022 will focus on the three pillars of Marxism: the revolutionary philosophy of dialectical materialism, Marx’s economic insights into the contradictions of capitalism, and historical materialism, the Marxist approach to history. There can be no better antidote to the confusion of today’s world than studying these fundamentals and learning how we can defend them against the attacks of capitalism’s apologists.


Saturday, July 23

8:00am Eastern – 4:00pm Eastern

  • World Perspectives: War, Crisis, and Revolution – The New Normal

Sunday, July 24

8:00am Eastern – 11:30am Eastern

  • Marxism and Art: Unshackling Culture From Capitalism

12:30pm Eastern – 4:00pm Eastern

  • The Labor Theory of Value: The Origins of Marxist Economics
  • The Enlightenment and the Struggle for Rational Thought
  • How Marx Made History: The Development of Historical Materialism

Monday, July 25

8:00am Eastern – 11:30am Eastern

  • Blood and Gold: The Spanish Conquest of the Americas
  • Marxism, Money, and Inflation
  • The Marxist Theory of Knowledge: How do we know things?

12:30pm Eastern – 4:00pm Eastern

  • The Permanent Revolution in Europe: 1848
  • Armed Bodies of Men: Marxism and the State
  • Competition, Monopoly, and Planning: The Market vs Socialism

Tuesday, July26

8:00am Eastern – 11:30am Eastern

  • Oppression, Inheritance, and Private Property: Marxism and the Family
  • The US Civil War: The Second American Revolution
  • Dialectics of Nature: Marxism and Modern Science


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