International Marxist University: 6,000 Registered with Three Days to Go!

The International Marxist University begins in just three days, with over 6,000 people signed up so far from an incredible 133 countries, all looking for the ideas needed to put an end to this decaying, barbaric capitalist system. What are you waiting for? You can sign up today and prepare for 15 exciting sessions on Marxist philosophy, history, and economics.

Here are two previews of what to look forward to in some of the sessions on history: “The US Civil War: The Second American Revolution” and “The Revolutionary Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg” to help you plan your time at the #IMU22!

The US Civil War: The Second American Revolution

As speaker John Peterson will explain, the victory of the Union armies dealt a deathblow to slavery in the Southern states, laying the basis for the development of capitalism across the entire USA. This victory is part and parcel of the rise of the US as the mightiest capitalist power that the world has ever seen.

As some background to John’s talk on Tuesday July 26, you can jump into some captivating reading on this topic below to understand more about how this revolution has shaped world history:

Marxism and the USA: The Second American Revolution—Alan Woods

Writings on the US Civil War—Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

You should also pick up the latest issue of the In Defence of Marxism theoretical magazine, which contains a long article by John Peterson on this subject.

The Revolutionary Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg

The great revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg has often been misrepresented and slandered. Luxemburg was a staunch defender of Marxist theory to her very end. She waged a battle against class collaboration, opportunism and pacifism in favor of socialist revolution. It is therefore essential for Marxists today to reclaim her revolutionary legacy in the intensifying class struggle we face.

Just this year, Wellred books published an excellent new biography by Marie Frederiksen on this topic, The Revolutionary Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg, setting the record straight on Luxemburg by examining what she actually wrote and did. This is a crucial read for all Marxists to arm themselves with the lessons of Rosa Luxemburg’s life and ideas.

You can also find extensive articles on reclaiming Luxemburg’s revolutionary legacy and Luxemburg and the Bolsheviks.

These talks and many more will be taking place in just a few days time. Sign up today and enroll in the International Marxist University!

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