2019 Sudan Revolution Protests
Sudan: This is What Revolution Looks Like!

Three months have passed since the Sudanese masses rose up and overthrew General Omar al-Bashir, the dictator who ruled Sudan with an iron fist for thirty years.

What Next After Sudan’s Million Man March?

Hundreds of thousands of workers, peasants, and poor took to the streets of Sudan to protest against the vicious rule of the Junta.

John Peterson
United States Marxist expresses support for the unfolding Egyptian Revolution

While Obama sits bewildered as he watches the Egyptian masses overthrow the hated dictator Mubarak, in the United States there are workers, trade unionists, youth and socialist activists who rejoice at the scenes we have been witnessing in these historical moments in Egypt.

Burkina Faso: One Leader After Another Overthrown by Revolutionary Masses

The situation in Burkina Faso has been moving at lightning speed since the revolution erupted. The revolutionary masses overthrew Blaise Compaoré, but also his handpicked successor just a few hours later.

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