Venezuela: Food multinational Cargill nationalised
Venezuela: Food multinational Cargill nationalised

Cargill, a US-based multinational food company, was refusing to produce rice for the regulated price market. Chavez therefore announced on Wednesday the nationalisation of the company. This is a step in the right direction, but […]

Venezuela: Big Victory for the Revolution, Time to Build Socialism in Practice!

The result of yesterday's referendum on the constitutional amendment was a huge victory for the forces of the Venezuelan revolution, and at the same time a severe blow against the counter-revolutionary right-wing opposition. Now more […]

Stop Israel's massacre in Gaza!
Stop Israel's massacre in Gaza!

Two years after the Israeli ‘Defence’ Forces indiscriminately slaughtered over a thousand Lebanese civilians in the quaintly-titled Operation Just Reward, Israel has turned its attention to Gaza, in the form of Operation Cast Lead. Stripped […]

April 2002
Venezuela: Six Years After the Coup

Six years after the coup against the democratically elected government of Hugo Chávez was defeated by the magnificent mobilization of the masses, the contradictions within the Venezuelan revolution are as sharp as ever.These contradictions have […]

The Merida Initiative

We are all too familiar with the horrible injustices committed by the Mexican Government and its police force. Members of the Asamblea Popular del Pueblo de Oaxaca (APPO) have suffered from the brutality of the […]

Benazir Bhutto
Pakistan: Government covers up the crime – masses demand action against conspirators

The murder of Benazir Bhutto has led to an explosion of popular anger. Pakistan is convulsed by rioting and mass protests. Society has been stirred up to the depths. Raw human emotion has spilled over […]

Benazir Bhutto
Pakistan: The assassination of Benazir Bhutto

Benazir Bhutto has been killed in a suicide bomb attack. The leader of the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) had just addressed a rally of PPP supporters in the town of Rawalpindi when the attack took […]

Canadian Auto Workers
Betrayal and Disgrace in the Canadian Auto Parts Industry

The top officials of the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) recently manufactured a novel way to negotiate a contract.  Lie prone before management, grovel in the dirt, and then direct the workers to relinquish almost everything […]

Venezuela on December 2: for an overwhelming yes vote

On Sunday the Venezuelan people are voting in the referendum on constitutional reform. A massive “yes” vote would strengthen the revolution. The oligarchy, imperialism, all the forces of reaction have lined up behind the call […]

USSR Military Parade
What About Russia?

As early as 1936, Leon Trotsky predicted that the Stalinist bureaucracy that usurped power after Lenin’s death, would not be satisfied with its legal and illegal privileges, but would inevitably strive to replace the nationalized […]

Iran & WMD

Led by the U.S., the UN Security Council is discussing the prospect of economic sanctions to punish Iran for its insistence on continuing to develop its nuclear program. Faced with the threat of sanctions and […]

Fundamentalist Resurgence: Causes and Prospects

Lal Khan talks about the reasons for the recent resurgence of fundamentalism around the world.

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