March 2014 Fighting Fund Appeal

NEWWILLOGO1SmallerIt has been a busy winter for the International Marxist Tendency—and the Spring will be even busier!

In Britain, representatives from 20 different Marxist societies came together in February to organize the Marxist Student Federation. This is an exciting and historic development—something for young American Marxists to aspire to in the years to come!

The Canadian and US sections of the IMT organized the 5th annual Marxist Winter School in Montreal. See the report in this issue of Socialist Appeal for more details on what was discussed and how you can join us next year.

Comrades in Austria have produced an excellent new documentary on the recent revolutionary convulsions in Greece. Reading about these events is one thing; seeing them unfold and hearing interviews with participants is another altogether. You can see the video online for free here:

In Pakistan, the comrades are preparing their annual congress. Be sure to keep an eye on for reports! Last year, 2,769 delegates from across the Indian subcontinent, including Afghanistan, attended. That the comrades can organize an event like this in one of the most dangerous and difficult countries on earth is an inspiration for revolutionaries around the world. If they can do it in Pakistan, we can do it in every country on the planet!

The IMT will hold its World Congress in Greece this summer. Hundreds of comrades from around the world will come together to discuss the process of capitalist crisis, class struggle, revolution, and counterrevolution unfolding across the planet. You can read our draft perspectives document here:

Right here in the US, the Workers International League (US section of the IMT), will be holding our own National Congress at the end of May, to discuss our perspectives and tasks in preparation for the future US revolution.

In addition to regular analysis and theory, the IMT offers many resources, including books, videos, and more to help educate a new generation of revolutionaries. Why not organize a public showing or house party to show the new film on Greece? Why not sell food and beverages and ask for donations to raise money for the Fighting Fund? Why not make a donation, no matter how large or small, to help our efforts? Why not make monthly contributions? Why not join as a sympathizer, or better yet, discuss with us to become an active member of the IMT?

All of this requires sacrifice, persistence, and, since we still live under capitalism: money. The US section of the IMT has a target of raising $6,900 in the first 6 months of 2014. During the cold final weeks of winter we have already raised nearly $1,200. Together we can break this target and continue to support and develop the work of the IMT in the US and internationally!


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