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March/April Featured Selection from "The Revolutionary Philosophy of Marxism"

After taking up the Origins and Genesis of Marxist philosophy in our January/February IMT organization-wide readings, we now move into Part II of The Revolutionary Philosophy of Marxism: Dialectics. For the months of March and April, we will delve into two of the most famous works by Friedrich Engels, Anti-Dühring and Dialectics of Nature, both of which present a masterful defense of the method of Marxism and its application to the world around us. As Engels wrote in Socialism: Utopian and Scientific, “Nature is the proof of dialectics, and it must be said for modern science that it has furnished this proof with very rich materials increasingly daily, and thus has shown that, in the last resort, Nature works dialectically and not metaphysically; that she does not move in the eternal oneness of a perpetually recurring circle, but goes through a real historical evolution.”

If you are interested in discussing the book throughout the year with us, contact us here!

Revolutionary Philosophy of Marxism Marxist Books

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