Marxism and Anarchism

Level 1: Flaws in Anarchist Orientation and Tactics

Marxism and Direct Action – Phil Mitchinson


Level 2: Introduction to Differences Between Anarchism and Marxism

Anarchism and Socialism – Lenin

Petty-Bourgeois and Proletarian Socialism – Lenin

“The State and Revolution”, Chap. 4: Controversy with the Anarchists – Lenin

Communism and Syndicalism – Leon Trotsky


Level 3: Conflicts Between Anarchism and Marxism in Russia During and After the Revolution

Marxism and Anarchism: The Philosophical Roots of the Marx-Bakunin Conflict – Part One – Ann Robertson (and Part Two)

Socialism and Anarchism – Lenin

The Makhno Movement – Leon Trotsky

What is the Meaning of Makhno’s Coming Over to the Side of Soviet Power? – Leon Trotsky

Hue and Cry Over Kronstadt – Leon Trotsky

Kronstadt and the Stock Exchange – Leon Trotsky

Kronstadt: Trotsky Was Right! – A. Kramer


Level 4: Introduction to Philosophical Origins and Errors of Anarchism

Anarchism and Socialism – G.V. Plekhanov

A Letter On Proudhon – Karl Marx


Level 5: Anarchism and the First International

“The Conflict with Bakunin” – Bakunin, Marx, Engels


Level 6: Classical Analysis of Anarchist Principles

The Poverty of Philosophy – Karl Marx

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