Marxism and Women’s Emancipation
The oppression of women has been a key question for Marxism. After all, women constitute half the human race, and have faced discrimination and degradation in many areas of life.

Level 1: Introduction to Historical Processes and Basic Positions

The Origins of Women’s Oppression – Rob Sewell

Women and Capitalism – Barbara Humphries

Women and the Struggle for Socialism – Alan Woods


Level 2: History of Feminism

Women and the Suffrage – Barbara Humphries

From the Rice Fields to the Modern Call Centers – Sonia Previato (and Part Two)


Level 3: The Bolsheviks, the Soviet Union, and Women

Capitalism and Female Labor – Lenin

The Working Class and Neo-Malthusianism: On Birth Control – Lenin

Lenin on Women – Clara Zetkin

Marxism and the Emancipation of Women – Alan Woods and Ana Muñoz

The Emancipation of Women in Russia Before and After the Revolution – Elisabetta Rossi (and Part Two)