Lessons from the 1946 Oakland General Strike

Successful strikes require preparation and leadership with a clear, class-independent vision. Our aim is not to let off steam but to challenge the bosses’ right to rule.

LGBT+ Liberation and Revolution

The struggle against gender oppression and sexual orientation-based discrimination has developed into mass movements in many countries. These protests have within them an intrinsic revolutionary potential.

“Fire and Fury”: The Legacy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Donald Trump’s latest threat, that North Korea would face “fire and fury like the world has never seen”, has sparked speculation in the media over the possibility of a nuclear conflict.

Lessons of the Spanish Revolution

The Spanish Civil War, like any revolutionary period, was an acid test for political parties and tendencies. Despite its ultimate defeat by the counterrevolution, it holds rich lessons for socialists today.

Capitalism: A History of Horror Without End—Part I

This year we will see learned critics working to turn public opinion against the Bolsheviks and what they stood for, in an attempt to bury the truth about what the revolution was really about.

On the Day After the Revolution

The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 marked a fundamental break with the old order and the beginning of the socialist transformation of society.

Lessons of the Populist Movement of the 1890s

Many American workers aren’t aware of the time when the US nearly had a mass socialist party of the working class.

Everything in Pittsburgh is Named After Two Robber Barons

Neither Carnegie nor Frick are responsible for the growth of Pittsburgh.

Trotsky in January 1917: “Bronx Man Leads Russian Revolution”

One hundred years ago today, on January 13, 1917, just weeks before the collapse of tsarism, the thirty-eight-year-old Trotsky arrived in New York City.

60 Years Since the Hungarian Revolution of 1956

We are republishing this article on the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, first published on the 40th anniversary in Socialist Appeal.

History and Lessons of the Militant Tendency—Part Two

The rise of the Corbyn movement in Britain have resulted in a renewed interest in the Militant—the Marxist tendency in the labor movement that became a household name.

[Video] Alan Woods on Leon Trotsky’s “Stalin”

Alan explains the background to Trotsky’s masterpiece, which provides an analysis of the degeneration of the Soviet Union from a democratic workers’ state into the Stalinist bureaucratic regime.

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