“The S Word” by John Nichols

With rising interest in socialism, Nichols’ book raises an important question: is socialism solely a foreign import, with no connection to American traditions? 

The Workers' State, Thermidor, and Bonapartism

We republish here for our September/October 2015 organization-wide reading, a work by Leon Trotsky, The Workers’ State, Thermidor, and Bonapartism.

The Zimmerwald Conference—The Turning of the Tide

On September 1915, a small group of international socialists gathered in the Swiss village of Zimmerwald. This was the first attempt to unite those socialists who were opposed to the war.

Lessons From the History and Struggle of the Black Panther Party

From a tiny handful of activists in Oakland, the Black Panther Party grew to national and international prominence, electrifying millions around the world. In this article, we analyze the party’s history and lessons.

Battle of Waterloo 1815
200 Years Since the Battle of Waterloo: A Battle That Changed World History

he Battle of Waterloo—200 years ago, on 18th June 1815—was the last great event that marked the end of that great historical process that was begun in 1789 by the Great French Revolution.

wwi eastern front
WWI—Part Ten: Big Bandits and Small Bandits

Part ten of Alan Wood’s series on the first World War.

bandeira sovietica reichstag
Seventy Years Since the Defeat of Fascism in Europe—How the Soviet Union Defeated the Nazis

Today marks the 70th anniversary of the victory over Nazism and fascism in Europe, 6 days after the Soviet Red Army took Berlin. 

May Day Demonstration in Stockholm, Sweden, 1899
May Day—A History of Working Class Struggles

In celebration of May Day, we republish this 2001 May Day article written by Rob Sewell, editor of the UK Socialist Appeal.

Max Schachtman and James Cannon, July 1934
“The Dog Days of the Left Opposition”

We republish here, for our April-May 2015 organization-wide reading, a chapter from James P. Cannon’s book The History of American Trotskyism, “Dog Days of the Left Opposition.”

WWI—Part Nine: The USA and the War: War is Good For Business

Somebody once said to Lenin war is terrible, to which he replied: “yes, terribly profitable.” The European war suited the American industrialists rather well.

A Review of Jared Diamond’s “Guns, Germs and Steel”

For Marxists, history is not something dead and buried, an ossified collection of facts and interpretations established for all time, but a living treasure trove of lessons for the present and the future.

WWI—Part Eight: Victims and Aggressors

While the armies of the Great Powers were busy slaughtering each other in Flanders, Tannenberg, and Gallipoli, their weaker brethren were watching with keen anticipation from the sidelines

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