Black Panther Party
Lecciones de la historia y la lucha del Partido Panteras Negras

En este artículo, nos centraremos en el ascenso colosal y el colapso precipitado del Partido de las Panteras Negras, y las lecciones que se pueden extraer de estos importantes eventos en la historia estadounidense.

Villa, Zapata, and the Mexican Revolution
[Video] Villa, Zapata, and the Mexican Revolution

Tune in at 7pm ET on August 8 for an account by John Peterson of the lives of Pancho Villa, Emiliano Zapata, and their role in the extraordinary events of the Mexican Revolution.

David Harvey Academic "Marxist"
David Harvey against Revolution: the Bankruptcy of Academic “Marxism”

David Harvey is an academic who describes himself as a Marxist. His recent statement that he is against the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism has logically caused a stir.

Police No justice no peace
Marxism and the State

The fundamental essence of every state, with its “armed bodies of men,” police, courts and other trappings is that it serves the interests of the ruling class in society—in the case of capitalism, the capitalist […]

Nurses Aides Coretta Scott King
Lessons of the 1969 Charleston Nurses’ Aides Strike

The 1969 nurses’ aides strike is an inspiring labor struggle in the American South—a part of the country that is mostly just known for its history of racism, conservatism, and backwardness.

Marx and Keynes Economics
Marxism, Keynesianism, and the Crisis of Capitalism

Governments everywhere are pumping money into the world economy to keep it on life support. Followers of Keynesian ideas—of government stimulus and demand-side management—feel vindicated. But only Marxism offers a solution.

World War II: From War to Revolution

COVID-19 is bringing economic and social dislocation with no parallel since the Second World War. It is a huge burden on working class people, and a real concern for the strategists of capital.

Jacobin Socialist Revolution Debate What Is Socialism
[Video] What Is Socialism? Jacobin vs. Socialist Revolution

Tune in for a special feature tonight at 7PM ET. What is socialism? Jacobin editor Bhaskar Sunkara and Socialist Revolution editor John Peterson give their answers to this question.

VI Lenin
Happy Birthday, Lenin! The Great Fighter and Teacher of Marxism

Today marks the 150th birthday of Vladimir Lenin, the great revolutionary leader. Whilst the bourgeois historians and liberals slander him, we celebrate his life and ideas, which are more relevant now than ever.

Storming of Redoubt 10 by American soldiers in the American revolution
Las tradiciones revolucionarias de los EE.UU.

No aceptamos la mentira de que EE.UU. sea un bloque reaccionario. Cada nación tiene sus propias métodos de la lucha de clases y tradiciones revolucionarias.

"Spain's Revolution Against Franco: The Great Betrayal" Book Cover
Spain’s Revolution Against Franco: the Great Betrayal

A revolutionary movement of the working class defeated the Franco regime in Spain—and it could have gone further but for the betrayals of the workers’ leadership.

The Revolutionary Ideas of Antonio Gramsci

Antonio Gramsci died in 1937, after spending nearly ten years in prison under Mussolini’s fascist regime. All these years later, his ideas and legacy are still being debated and reinterpreted.

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