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NFTs and SPACs: the Insanity of Casino Capitalism

In the midst of the pandemic, speculative investments continue. The latest celebrity-driven fads, NFTs and SPACs, are among the most insane expressions of this.

[Audio] The American Civil War: A Violent and Remorseless Revolutionary Struggle

In this episode of our Civil War podcast series, John Peterson analyzes the events of the war itself, all the way from secession to the Emancipation Proclamation.

In Defense of Materialism—Alan Woods

Alan Woods provides an overview of Lenin’s arguments in “Materialism and Empirico-Criticism,” and mounts a defense of materialism against the obscurantist, postmodernist nonsense on university campuses today.

The Paris Commune (1871)

This article provides an overview of the Paris Commune: its heroic rise, its tragic fall, and its lessons for revolutionaries today.

[Audio] The American Civil War: Abolitionists and Secessionists

We continue our Civil War miniseries with a closer look at the Constitutional foundations of the crisis, the economics of slavery, the abolitionists, the political scene at the time, and a brief timeline of events […]

Reclaiming the Revolutionary Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg

Rosa Luxemburg was born 150 years ago. Her revolutionary legacy is paramount for those who wish to change the world. But before we can learn from Luxemburg’s experience, we must first uncover her true legacy.

[Audio] The American Civil War: Revolution and Counterrevolution

John Peterson kicks off our three-part series on the American Civil War laying out the theoretical foundations for understanding these key events in US history—which Marxists see as the second American Revolution.

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What is Happening in Myanmar and Why?

The military coup in Myanmar unleashed an unexpected movement. In this article, we attempt to outline some of the historical and immediate factors that led to this sudden and sharp change in the situation.

10 Years On: Lessons of the Egyptian Revolution

Among the Arab Spring, the Egyptian Revolution is perhaps the richest in lessons, as well as prospects for the immediate future. This article provides a balance sheet of the revolution and its aftermath, 10 years […]

The Rise of the Comintern and the Role of Leon Trotsky

We publish the introduction to our new edition of “The First Five Years of the Communist International,” which outlines some of the key debates and decisions taken in the first four congresses of the Communist International.

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Marxism vs Queer Theory

Is Queer Theory compatible with Marxism? Can there be such a thing as “Queer Marxism”? Yola Kipcak in Vienna replies in the negative, and explains why.

Frederick Engels: 200 Years Since His Birth

November 28, 2020 marks the 200th birthday of Friedrich Engels. We commemorate this bicentenary by looking at the vital contribution that Engels made to developing the ideas of Marxism.