Police attack Teamsters
The 75th Anniversary of the 1934 Minneapolis Teamsters Strike (Part 2)

After a bitter coal yard workers’ strike and organizing campaign in early 1934, Teamsters Local 574 won the right to represent thousands of workers in Minneapolis. But by May, a second strike became necessary, after […]

Labor Day Parade 1882
The History of Labor Day

Every year, workers across the United States celebrate Labor Day on the first Monday of September.  It is seen as a marker of the end of Summer, the start of football season, and the return […]

Capitalism Versus Science

We are constantly bombarded with the myth that capitalism drives innovation, technology, and scientific advancement. But in fact, the precise opposite is true. Capitalism is holding back every aspect of human development, and science and […]

1934 Teamsters Strike
The 75th Anniversary of the 1934 Minneapolis Teamsters Strike

The 1934 Teamsters strike in Minneapolis was a decisive moment in the US labor and socialist movements.

From "Discussions with Trotsky"

In this selection, taken from two days of discussion with Leon Trotsky and the leaders of the SWP, Trotsky explains the need for a non-sectarian approach to the Stalinist workers and criticizes a narrow trade […]

Marxism and Religion in America

A recent survey shows that the United States may be becoming both less religious generally and less Christian specifically.

Marx and Engels Rheinische Zeitung
Engels Letter on the Need for a US Labor Party

The following letter from Frederick Engels shows his perspective for the development of a labor party in the United States and the way that Marxists should orient to such a party.

Thirty years since the Iranian Revolution
Thirty Years Since the Iranian Revolution

This month marks the 30th anniversary of the Iranian revolution and the mainstream media around […]

Karl Marx
Karl Marx is Back!

Articles have appeared recently in newspapers and websites around the world highlighting the fact that sales of Marx’s books over the past year have risen sharply in places like East Germany, particularly among young people.

Introduction to Marxist Economics

Many workers are concerned about the present crisis of U.S. capitalism and how it affects them.  Therefore, Socialist Appeal thought it might be helpful to explain some basics about capitalism and why we believe that […]

Leon Trotsky Public Domain
Tasks of the American Opposition

A social crisis in the United States may arrive a good deal sooner than many think, and have a feverish development from the start. Hence the conclusion: it is necessary to prepare.

NYC workers
Prospects for a Labor Party

In every major country, the working class has built political parties to combat the capitalists in the political arena, with one exception: the working class in the United States has not yet built its own political […]