Capitalism Versus Science

We are constantly bombarded with the myth that capitalism drives innovation, technology, and scientific advancement. But in fact, the precise opposite is true. Capitalism is holding back every aspect of human development, and science and […]

Marxism and Religion in America

A recent survey shows that the United States may be becoming both less religious generally and less Christian specifically.

Karl Marx
Karl Marx is Back!

Articles have appeared recently in newspapers and websites around the world highlighting the fact that sales of Marx’s books over the past year have risen sharply in places like East Germany, particularly among young people.

Introduction to Marxist Economics

Many workers are concerned about the present crisis of U.S. capitalism and how it affects them.  Therefore, Socialist Appeal thought it might be helpful to explain some basics about capitalism and why we believe that […]

Leon Trotsky Public Domain
Tasks of the American Opposition

A social crisis in the United States may arrive a good deal sooner than many think, and have a feverish development from the start. Hence the conclusion: it is necessary to prepare.

Non-Profits, Privatization & Capitalism

As soon as we began to organize our workplace into a union, a non-profit drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility, the murky world of non-profits proved to be an obstacle. When first approached, many of our […]

Trotsky and the fight against Fascism

Seventy-five years ago today, on January 30th 1933, Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany. Two months later the Reichstag voted him dictatorial powers. The workers' parties were banned and their leaders thrown into concentration camps. […]

The revolutionary dialectic and the liberation of humanity*

In developing this philosophical outlook, Marx based himself on great thinkers that had preceded him, but went beyond them in developing further those ideas and providing new insights. He developed his dialectics from Hegel, the […]

Michael Moore's Sicko
Health Care in the United States is “SiCKO”

Michael Moore’s latest film, SiCKO, is from beginning to end an all-out assault on the for-profit U.S. health care system. Most of us have heard of the 47 million Americans, including 10 million children, without […]

Ameren Plant
Energy Deregulation in IL an Attack on Working People

Ameren, which provides energy services to customers in Missouri and Illinois, has begun circulating a letter to all of their Illinois customers, warning them to expect even higher rates during the summer, along with tips […]

Price-Gouging the Uninsured

It is well known that the U.S. lacks a universal health care system.  The for-profit health system is yet another example of capitalism’s inability to play a progressive role for the majority of society.  Despite […]

The Growing Crisis of Confidence: A Sign of Things to Come in the U.S.

After decades of relative prosperity, peace and stability, the world of the American worker has been turned upside down. The depth of the distrust felt by millions of Americans was revealed in a Reuters/DecisionQuest poll […]

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