Revolutions are preceded by preparatory periods of ferment and debate, clarification of ideas, perspectives, and tasks. There is a growing sense that society is at an impasse, while at the same time, history is accelerating and great events are coming. This pushes broader layers of society into political activity, and there is a thirst for ideas: How can we explain the crisis of the system? How can socialists win over the working class? What is the path to socialism in our lifetime?

Ocasio-Cortez Defeats the Democratic Machine—Which Way Forward for Socialists?

The political landscape is shifting fast in the US, and Democratic strategists are hoping to use this momentum to their advantage.

Crowd in St Petersburg during Russian Revolution
Base-Building or Bolshevism?

How can we reach the masses? This question has been at the center of revolutionary debate since the birth of the socialist movement.

The Case for Revolutionary Optimism

Mass uprisings are all but guaranteed by the impasse of capitalism—the question is whether a revolutionary leadership will be ready when it happens.

You Can’t Reform Capitalism—It Must Be Overthrown

In the editorial for Socialist Revolution Issue 4, we examine the question of reformism versus revolution, as well as so-called “non-reformist reforms.”

How Single-Payer Will Be Achieved

Though such reforms are now considered common sense, the Democrats can’t and won’t deliver. Only a mass independent political force—with single payer placed at the top of its agenda—is capable of winning this fight. 

Bolshevism and the Arab Revolution

From a Marxist point of view, the Bolshevik Revolution was the greatest single event in world history. Why? Because here, for the first time, if we exclude the heroic but tragic episode of the Paris […]