Welcome to Socialist Revolution!
A new website to go along with our new publication. More exciting changes are on the way!

The National Congress of the US section of the International Marxist Tendency voted unanimously in May to change the name of our publication from Socialist Appeal to Socialist Revolution. To support this change we have also built a brand new website! Over the last several weeks we have worked on developing an online platform that will be the basis for many new features in the weeks and months ahead.

The site is fairly basic in its current version: viewers can read our latest articles and post them to social media; quickly get updates from our Twitter feed; and access the full archives of everything we published as Socialist Appeal. Now that we have this basic functionality in place we will begin adding more features. Here are some of the upcoming features:

Media Gallery

We plan to have a gallery that allows users to view images and videos we collect. This would mainly consist of media from various events IMT comrades participate in throughout the US and the world. Readers would be able to view images and easily get to the articles they appeared in. In addition to this, members of the IMT will be able to use this gallery to easily find relevant media for use in social media and when writing articles. And comrades will also be able to upload new media for use by the organization as a whole.


Search is obviously an important feature, and we will make it easy for readers to find content that is relevant to whatever topic you search for. This search feature will make use of tags you will see associated with each article and image.


Each article and image will have tags that make it easy for readers to find relevant content. These tags will also be editable by authenticated users who are in the associated role.


Most readers won’t log in to our site, but we will provide this feature so that authenticated users can gain access to more features. Eventually, some additional features will likely be available for readers who aren’t yet members of the IMT.

Finding local branches and activities

The US is a big country, and this can make political organizing more difficult than in many other parts of the world. Our new site will help facilitate meeting up and coordinating events for both our branches and our at-large members. At the same time, we want to make it easy as possible for anyone interested in Marxism and our program to find the right contact within the IMT.

Feedback and reporting issues

We know there will be issues with the new site, but we will do what we can to fix anything we find as soon as possible! You can help with this by letting us know whenever you notice any issues, or if you have good ideas for improving the site. Check our issues page to see if what you notice is already on the list, and make sure to add it if it’s not.

We are very excited about our new site and are confident it will be a useful companion to the print version of our paper. To get every print issue of Socialist Revolution delivered directly to your home, get a 1-year subscription. Check back often for more updates!

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