The Joker Movie Review
Review: Joker—You Get What You Deserve

The new Joker film reimagines the classic villain as the victim of a system that abandons the mentally ill and leaves people to languish in a manufactured poverty.

Notre Dame Fire in Paris
Notre Dame Fire: Capitalism Destroying Our Historical Heritage

Events in Paris demonstrate that capitalism is undermining its own past achievements and those of previous societies.

Trotsky Netflix Show Lies
Lies, Damned Lies and Netflix: the Character Assassination of Leon Trotsky

A recent Netflix show, produced by Russian state television, is a scandalous misrepresentation of Trotsky’s life and the October Revolution.

Lifestyle Minimalism and the Crisis of Capitalism

The growing search for ways to individually “opt out” of capitalist society is an indication of the historic impasse of this system.

Sorry to Bother You Film Review
Call Center Class Struggle on the Big Screen

Communist director and rapper Boots Riley promotes socialist revolution with his new movie “Sorry To Bother You.”

Palmyra Destroyed
Capitalism is Erasing Our Past

Not only has capitalism ceased to move society forward, but it is also threatening the human cultural heritage of past generations.

Avengers: Infinity War Movie Poster
Superheroes: A Crisis of Overproduction

Marvel’s latest blockbuster demonstrates how the growing concentration of intellectual property in fewer hands is affecting art and entertainment.

stage VMAs
Music and the Decline of Capitalism

The future of art is linked inextricably to the future of humanity as a whole and the political struggle against capitalism must necessarily find an expression in art.

Opioid Epidemic: A Lethal Expression of Capitalism's Failure

Since the turn of the century, the US has experienced its worst drug epidemic ever.

Beat theWhites Red wedge
In Defence of Soviet Art: A Reply to Jonathan Jones

Jonathan Jones’ spittle-flecked tirade against a Russian art exhibition is distinguished by a hysteria that borders on the comical.

Image result for Shakespeare
400 Years Since the Death of Shakespeare: A Revolutionary in Literature—Part Four

English has more words than any other European language. This is the result of its peculiar historical evolution.

400 Years Since the Death of Shakespeare: A Revolutionary in Literature—Part Three

The age of Shakespeare was also the age of Machiavelli—the Italian philosopher who first explained that the conquest and maintenance of political power has nothing to do with morality.

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