Largest Defense Contract in History will leave thousands Jobless.

On Friday, October 26, the Pentagon announced that it had awarded Lockheed-Martin Corp. the $300 billion contract to build the Joint-Strike fighter, which will become the main fighter jet of the US Air Force, Navy […]

Worried About the Future?

According to a recent CNN/Research Corp. national poll, only half of all U.S. homeowners are confident they can make their mortgage payments and less than forty percent are confident they can maintain their standard of […]

Income Gap Widest Since 1917

According to a much publicized study by University of California-Berkeley economist Emanuel Saez, the income gap between the rich and poor is at its greatest level since 1917. The top 10 percent of Americans now […]

Enron – Imperialism in Action

The ignominious collapse of Houston, Texas-based Enron – at $62 billion the largest bankruptcy is US history – is a powerful reminder of how "business as usual" is conducted in the epoch of capitalist decay […]

Gasoline Prices, Big Business, and the Working Class

The recent rise in gasoline prices around the country is yet another example of why democratic control over the commanding heights of the economy is the only way forward for working people.  This short article […]

No light at the end of the oil pipe line

The rich get rich, and the poor get poorer.  A war for oil is not the solution!

The Health Care Epidemic

There are an astonishing 44 million Americans without healthcare.   Those who do have healthcare have to pay ridiculous amounts of money for it, and even then, they have to worry about co-payments, deductibles, etc. […]

Give Me Shelter!

The crisis in housing is a product of the capitalist system.  Yosef Mikhah looks at the effects it has on working people, and the need for a socialized plan of quality housing for all.

The Halliburton Scandal: Business as Usual

David May looks at the latest in a long string of corporate scandals.  The ties between big business and the government are closer than ever – and this is not an aberration of capitalism – […]

Nationalize the Airlines Under Workers' Control

The smashing of the PATCO union in 1981 was the opening salvo in a decades-long assault by the bosses against the airline unions and the labor movement in general. Now the bosses and their government […]

G.W. Bush
The Bush Tax Cuts & Class Division in America

Coming into office with a budget surplus in the trillions of dollars, the Bush Administration has successfully emptied the world’s largest coffers—and then some. All this in less than five years.

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